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Conviva Expands Experience Management to Include Advertising with New Ad Insights Product

April 19, 2016

Groundbreaking solution to combat ad fatigue in online streaming enables OTT publishers to maximize ad engagement and revenue

FOSTER CITY, Calif. (April 19, 2016) — Conviva, the leader in Over the Top (OTT) experience management for the world’s top media companies, today launched Ad Insights, enabling publishers to maximize the engagement impact of their ad strategy. With Conviva, publishers can now run a more profitable streaming advertising business by optimizing ad strategies while monitoring critical key performance indicators (KPIs) for ad and video content to maximize viewer engagement.

Publishers today have minimal, if any, insight into the effect ads have on their viewers’ engagement. They’ve relied on decade’s old models for selection and placement of ads based on methods which worked for linear broadcast television but are broken and not suitable for Internet television. Online video content — including the ads themselves — is subject to buffering and delivery issues. Compounding the relatively unsophisticated targeting of online ad delivery, experience issues with online ads result in ad breakage, make-goods, potential fraud, and lost availability of ad inventory, not to mention a loss of goodwill from viewers.

Ad Insights extends Conviva’s award-winning Experience Insights solution that allows companies to establish a video engagement baseline for their existing ad business. Ad Insights integrates with Experience Insights to measure ad engagement together with content engagement, quality of experience and viewer retention to determine the optimal ad strategy. Ad Insights gives publishers a real-time, comprehensive look at how ad placement, duration and frequency correlate with video engagement, providing companies with the right tools to reduce ad fatigue and viewer churn while increasing revenues.

In a partnership announced today with FreeWheel, Conviva will monitor ad impressions in real-time, reporting user experience and engagement metrics for both video advertising and content. FreeWheel ‘s customers will gain a comprehensive view of their video performance, including all content and ads. The combined effect of this relationship will empower customers with the ability to optimize content engagement and monetization opportunities via Conviva’s Ad Insights.

“Conviva is changing the way publishers think about video ads,” said Dr. Hui Zhang, CEO of Conviva. “Simply counting viewers will no longer be the primary currency of trade. Conviva believes that publishers, advertisers, agencies, and ad tech stakeholders need the ability to identify premium audience members based on engagement across both video and ad content. This combination of experience behavior and demographics is the new currency.”

“In the highly competitive OTT space, viewer experience is the factor that distinguishes the top services,” said Michael Goodman, Director, Digital Media Strategies at Strategy Analytics. “By optimizing ad placement, duration and frequency, Conviva offers the industry a robust solution to maximize viewer engagement which could have a significant impact on how viewers consume and interact with ads online in the future.”


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Conviva partners with top tier media companies and premium OTT video broadcasters and operators like FOX, ESPN, Sony, NBC Universal and Sky to deliver optimized viewing experiences that maximize customer engagement. The Conviva Intelligent Control Platform helps providers meet and exceed ever-changing audience expectations for video experience, across a multi-screen viewing environment. Using a unique real-time map of the Internet video delivery ecosystem, the platform provides 360-degree visibility across all users, maximizes picture fidelity, and eliminates playback delays and interruptions. Multi-dimensional reports and analyses of the top tier OTT market, based on Conviva’s tracking of 50 billion streams annually, enable data-driven decisions, supporting successful development of market-leading services. Conviva is based in Silicon Valley, with offices in New York and London. Please visit and follow us on Twitter @Conviva.

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