Conviva Personalizes Multi-Screen Viewing Experiences with Subscriber Xtension™

TV Everywhere Solution for Content Owners and Operators Extends, Protects Viewing Experiences

SAN MATEO, CA., May 19, 2011 – Conviva, Inc., an advanced video streaming solutions provider, today introduced Subscriber Xtension, a flexible solution designed for the business, technology and performance needs of operators and content owners deploying TV Everywhere initiatives. TV Everywhere allows pay TV subscribers to enjoy even more of the content they watch on television across all of their devices, including PCs, tablets and mobile devices at the highest quality possible.

“TV Everywhere allows content owners to extend the relationship they already have with subscribers onto digital platforms in a personalized way,” said Conviva CEO Darren Feher. “To do that, it is critical that authentication and content access is seamless and secure and that every viewer has a high quality viewing experience on every size screen and from every type of network. Subscriber Xtension provides all the tools necessary to monitor each viewer and automatically optimize each and every stream in real time. It is the only subscriber-optimized way to accelerate a TV Everywhere deployment and leverage these brand expansion opportunities.”

Subscriber Xtension™ brings together Conviva Insights, Conviva Distribution Management Services (DMS) and Conviva Experience Management Services (EMS) with a newAccess Control Service (ACS), which handles authentication and viewer authorization from initial sign-in through high quality playback. The combination of Insights, DMS, EMS and Access Control Service creates a unique solution that not only ensures authentication and entitlement happen properly, but also protects the viewer from experiencing interruptions that result in lost audience and engagement. Subscriber Xtension helps manage the complexities of a TV Everywhere transition while giving content owners the perspective of each viewer in real-time.

Conviva Insights monitors the experience of each viewer, as well as the audience as a whole, providing real-time performance statistics and metrics. Conviva Distribution Management Services and Conviva Experience Management Services combined raise video resolution and automatically streamline the entire viewer experience predicting the causes of poor video quality and automating pre-emptive actions to ensure both the best picture quality and an uninterrupted buffer-free viewing experience.

As an early mover in the TV Everywhere space, HBO® chose Conviva’s Insights and DMS, EMS optimization services to ensure quality viewing for HBO GO® subscribers. “HBO is at the forefront of the industry, leading the way with a new generation of entertainment, while protecting our legacy by delivering the type of viewing experience consumers have come to expect from our brand,” said Greg Fittinghoff, SVP Corporate Systems and Infrastructure for HBO. “Partnering with Conviva, who has the audience-centric technology and expertise we need, makes perfect sense for us when it comes to HBO GO.”

The combination of Conviva’s advanced video streaming solutions can provide content owners and operators with an unmatched ability to provide a personalized viewing experience to each and every subscriber, free from buffering or stuttering on any size screen. By protecting the viewer from a poor or problematic viewing experience, Conviva aids in maintaining and protecting the subscriber-provider relationship resulting in happier viewers that consume more video.

With the launch of Subscriber Xtension, Conviva now adds a new product to their offering, Access Control Service, which minimizes barriers to accessing content, such as confusing and repetitive login processes. This core capability minimizes disruptions to the viewing experience, a critical factor for content providers looking to increase content consumption, viewer adoption and engagement.

“TV Everywhere offers a tremendous opportunity to build subscriber loyalty and add value for operators and programmers alike,” said Feher. “One of the challenges in bringing TV Everywhere to market is how to quickly implement the entitlement models at the center of these services. Seamlessly connecting programmers, operators and consumers can get complex. Subscriber Xtension eliminates these complexities, while ensuring high quality viewing for every subscriber, every time. The TV business is experiencing historic change daily and we know that amidst this every subscriber still counts.”

About Conviva
Conviva helps media companies and carriers increase revenue and improve their relationship with viewers by increasing minutes watched and providing real-time information that leads to more profitable video businesses. Conviva’s solutions optimize live and on-demand streams, providing a personalized HD viewing experience for each and every consumer. Real-time automation of authentication, dynamic bit-rate adjustment and multiple content delivery networks, empowers content owners to maximize the performance of their video, while maintaining and protecting viewer, brand and business relationships.