Conviva Unveils Advanced Online Video Solution to Improve Quality, Drive Revenue Opportunities

NEW YORK, NY – June 07, 2011 – Conviva, Inc., an advanced streaming video solutions provider, today unveiled Video AdVantage, a new solution for content owners and advertisers that improves the quality of the experience (QoE) for online video and integrated ad plays from an end-user viewer’s perspective.

Video AdVantage provides a viewer-side vantage point of each and every stream and uses proactive adjustments to raise the video resolution and prevent interruptions due to buffering. Viewers who have high quality viewing experiences and seamless ad transitions watch longer. Using real-time insightoptimization and alerting, Video Advantage protects the viewer from poor content and ad viewing experiences that result from an increasingly complicated video and ad ecosystem. Conviva is focused on not only ensuring content streams are of the highest quality, but also that the transition from content, through ad playback and back to content is smooth and optimized for each viewer. With Conviva’s Video AdVantage, content brands realize longer viewing times and reduced ad abandonment for both a better experience and improved monetization.

The Video AdVantage solution begins with real-time insight into what each viewer actually sees giving content owners a vantage point to understand if the myriad of technologies, third parties, agencies and partners have all come together correctly at the second the viewer presses play. Through a combination of pre-emptive bit-rate adjustment, mid-stream switching, and engagement-centric decisions and alerting, viewers enjoy an uninterrupted, personalized HD experience that results in 40% longer viewing times and higher ad completion rates.

Video AdVantage provides:

  • Actionable intelligence and stream adjustment automation to ensure a flawless and longer viewing experience,
  • Real-time alerting and localization of failures and outages across the complete video and ad ecosystem,
  • Ad performance information to expand inventory and optimize placement based on ad completion probabilities.

In March 2011 alone, more than 174 million people in the United States watched an average of 14.8 hours of online video content, according to recent data from comScore Video Metrix. Along with the explosive growth of viewers, online video ad spending continues to show tremendous growth. According to a forecast by Borrell Associates, Inc., online ad spending is expected to increase more than 60% from 2010 to $5.6 billion by year-end alone. A flawless and captivating video viewing experience, along with performance metrics, are paramount to the success of content owners and advertisers looking to access this rapidly growing opportunity.

“If you are unable to predict and act before quality of experience problems have an impact on your audience, video view times and ad completions, you are wasting valuable ad dollars,” said Darren Feher, CEO of Conviva. “Video AdVantage allows a crystal clear view of the entire video and ad ecosystem and in turn allows your viewers a crystal clear quality of experience. Conviva has the only solution that provides pre-emptive automation and cross-correlation between data sources, allowing for the greatest possible insight and intelligence. This visibility enables content owners to fine-tune their delivery strategy to retain current viewers, attract new viewers and generate additional advertising revenue.”

Video AdVantage provides a unique, metrics-based view into end-user quality of experience, viewer engagement and network performance. Armed with this data, service providers and content owners can make better decisions about all aspects of their online video businesses.

About Conviva

Conviva helps web video sites, media companies and carriers increase revenue and improve their relationship with viewers by increasing minutes watched and providing real-time information on viewed programming and ads that lead to more profitable video businesses.