Future of TV Briefing: How top-tier streamers are setting their ad prices and why they’re likely to rise higher

November 15, 2021

Trend watch: TV screens dominate streaming watch time

When people are streaming videos today, they are most often doing so on a TV screen. In the third quarter of 2021, connected TV devices, smart TVs and gaming consoles accounted for 73% of streaming video watch time worldwide, according to video measurement and analytics firm Conviva. In North America, the TV screen was even more predominant at 82%, though in Asia the category only accounted for 14% of watch time.

Beyond the overall dominance of TV screens, people are particularly spending more time streaming video on smart TVs. In Q3 2021, smart TVs’ watch time increased by 64% year over year, whereas CTV devices’ watch time only increased by 5% and gaming consoles’ watch time actually dipped by 1%. That’s notable as the smart TV slice of the CTV market grows more competitive, with Amazon and Comcast recently rolling out their own smart TVs and TV manufacturers like Samsung, Vizio and LG developing their own CTV platforms to contend with the likes of Amazon and Roku.

Of course, while smart TVs are on an upswing, they are not necessarily responsible for the bulk of streaming watch time on TV screens. Amazon’s and Roku’s CTV platforms, which are available on some smart TVs as well as CTV devices like streaming sticks, continue to account for nearly half of streaming TV watch time.