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Industry Data Portal from Conviva Sheds New Light on Benchmarking QoE Metrics

October 1, 2015

Launch delivers unprecedented public access to quality and engagement data

Foster City, CA, October 1, 2015: Conviva, the leader in Over the Top (OTT) video experience optimization, today announced the launch of its new Industry Data portal, providing unparalleled access to quality and engagement data.

“Experience and engagement are inextricably linked,” said Dr. Hui Zhang, CEO of Conviva, “Every month, Conviva aggregates and anonymizes billions of streams of data in real time to help its customers provide optimized viewer experiences to maximize engagement. Providing public access to such QoE metrics is an industry first, which we believe will benefit businesses, analysts and consumer viewing audiences alike.”

Unlike traditional audience measurement estimates, Conviva’s portal provides quality and experience metrics, such as video startup times by region, average bitrate by device, and rebuffering ratio by content type. Content providers can leverage this data to make strategic business decisions, such as defining content strategies, benchmarking their video performance, or developing their expansion policies.

“As a new member to the Streaming Video Alliance along with content providers such as Fox, BSkyB and Yahoo!; operators such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon; and video pioneers such as MLBAM, Intel and Cisco, we feel it’s our duty to contribute to the group’s collective wisdom,” continued Dr. Zhang. “By opening access to the anonymized insights from our Global Intelligence Network, this portal is not only an industry first, but a potential game changer as businesses explore new ways to optimize their revenue streams and quench audience thirsts.”

To visit Conviva’s new Industry Data portal, go to:


About Conviva 
Conviva partners with top-tier media companies and premium OTT video broadcasters and operators like HBO, ESPN, and Viacom to deliver optimized viewing experiences that maximize customer engagement. The Conviva Intelligent Control Platform helps providers meet and exceed ever-changing audience expectations for video experience, across a multi-screen viewing environment. Using a unique real-time map of the Internet video delivery ecosystem, the platform provides 360-degree visibility across all users, maximizes picture fidelity, and eliminates playback delays and interruptions. Multi-dimensional reports and analyses of the top-tier OTT market, based on Conviva’s tracking of 50 billion streams annually, enable data-driven decisions, supporting successful development of market-leading services. Conviva is based in Silicon Valley, with offices in New York and London. Please visit and follow us on Twitter @Conviva.

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