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Maximize Network Performance and Subscriber Satisfaction

Conviva’s Video AI Platform, powered by real-time OTT viewer data, helps pay TV service providers optimize and strengthen their network performance by providing strategic intelligence on network infrastructure issues affecting viewer experience. Conviva also has the products and solutions for the operations team to run an OTT service that provides subscribers with the best streaming viewing experience possible.

Bring the Control of Pay TV to OTT

Over-the-top (OTT) has put pay TV operators in the unfamiliar position of having little or no control and visibility over streaming video quality. Unlike satellite and cable infrastructure, OTT uses the open Internet which relies on a complex video delivery ecosystem. Having complete visibility and control of that ecosystem and the multitude of factors that affect quality is the key to taking back control of the viewer experience.

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Open Internet


Conviva's Video AI Platform and data allows pay TV service providers to continually measure viewer experience and engagement and detect and diagnose the issues that cause playback problems. With Conviva, providers can achieve the same mastery and control over internet TV as they have with cable or satellite, making it possible to deliver the high-quality experience viewers and publishers expect and demand.

Delivering Video Over the Internet Is Difficult

The internet was not made for TV. Matching the performance of satellite and cable means maintaining a constant bitrate, making sure streaming videos start quickly and minimizing rebuffering. It’s a complicated operation, made even more difficult by device and app proliferation and a complex, distributed delivery ecosystem.

100M+ combinations of possible issues

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Subscribers are on many devices

The existence and use of over 1,000 different video players has created a real software integration problem. It exposes pay TV operators to issues of metric inconsistency and accuracy, like those, for example, caused by the variation in reporting between Roku and iOS among many others.

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The internet video delivery ecosystem is very complex

With pay TV service providers having to contend with everything from variable bitrate and resolution encoding to multi-path delivery over different core backbone networks and access ISP diversity with multiple CDN options, there are literally 100M+ combinations of potential issues, making any kind of accurate and consistent measurement practically impossible.

Conviva’s Video AI Platform

Conviva helps pay TV service providers operate their OTT services and access networks better with the Video AI Platform and the data and intelligence it generates.

The Conviva platform processes over 100B subscriber streams collected from more than 2.5B video applications across 180+ countries, 275+ ISPs and 1,000+ video player types. This data trains Conviva’s artificial intelligence models and allows it to instantly detect and notify providers of any problems. Every year this data footprint is growing and driving the evolution of even more intelligent algorithms.

How It Works

Step 1: Data Step 2: Mapping Step 3: Root Cause Step 4: APIs
  • 01 Data
  • 02 Mapping
  • 03 Root Cause
  • 04 APIs

Collect Real-Time Experience Data at the Video Player

Conviva’s Video AI Platform and products collect and process viewer experience data at the video player level, giving providers the timely and accurate intelligence needed for smarter OTT operations and strategic network infrastructure decisions that maximize viewer satisfaction.

Map Video Playback Experience to Network Elements

Getting a clear view of the network is key to understanding the problems that affect the viewer experience. Network Topology Mapping tags each stream with the pay TV service provider’s access network infrastructure element metadata, correlating common viewer experience problems with specific network elements. Mapping eliminates the guesswork, giving providers the data to identify and – when possible – predict the anomalies that cause interruptions, as well as quickly rule out the need for costly technology and infrastructure upgrades.

Video AI Alerts Root Cause Analysis

With Video AI Alerts, powered by a global data set, Conviva gives pay TV service providers – and their ecosystem partners – the ability to automatically detect and diagnose potential experience problems that would most likely be undetectable in isolation. Once being alerted to the issue and having the root cause identified in the same message, providers can act quickly to resolve the problem before, in many instances, it’s even recognized by the subscriber.

Leverage Existing Operational Tools and Dashboards

The Video AI Platform’s interoperability and rich API set allow it to seamlessly integrate with any existing technology, giving providers – and their network engineers – the ability to access the quality of experience (QoE) data and intelligence directly from their network operations center (NOC) and or preferred monitoring system, such as Grafana or many others.

Key Features and Benefits

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Strategic Infrastructure Investments

Pay TV service providers must make infrastructure investment decisions to benefit both their subscribers as well as their OTT publisher customers. Processing data through the lens of the OTT viewer experience, Conviva gives pay TV providers a foundation for making long-term strategic planning decisions to improve the performance of their access networks, which is key to providing the best OTT viewing experience possible.

Pay TV Providers

Viewer Quality of Experience

By collecting data in real-time, at the viewer level, Conviva provides an end-to-end visibility into the video delivery chain that cannot be replicated by existing network monitoring systems. All data from video players and applications is collected as a true observed census, not a representative sample from edge points nor a simulated sample of video clients.

Benchmark Performance

Using global data and the Video AI Platform, Conviva aggregates and summarizes viewer experience and engagement performance metrics from the world’s largest OTT publishers and service providers. This benchmarking data establishes performance norms that can help pay TV providers understand how well their access network is performing relative to their peers in the marketplace. It also can shine a light on current OTT service performance and compare it to third-party OTT services that utilize the same access network. In essence, providing two key benchmarking perspectives.

Your OTT Performance Your OTT Performance on Other Networks Other’s OTT Performance on Your Network
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Your OTT Performance
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Your OTT Performance on Other Networks
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Other’s OTT Performance on Your Network

Gain Intelligence into Root Causes of Streaming Interruptions for Smarter Resource Allocation

Powered by its Video AI Platform, Conviva delivers both a critical visibility into viewer experience and engagement and a comparative view of performance, giving service providers the insight into OTT network operations needed to reduce experience-related interruptions.


Viewer quality of experience metrics operationalized in your existing network operations center dashboards


Network topology mapping and global data to inform core network investment decisions.