Precision Delivery Intelligence

AI Powered Video Delivery Optimization

Conviva’s Precision Delivery Intelligence is a video AI data feed that allows publishers to preemptively mitigate degradations in video delivery quality via multi-content delivery network (CDN) and resource optimization. The optimization is based on policy-based decision intelligence that is configured via Experience Insights for setting cost and performance thresholds based on a streaming video publisher’s business goals. Precision provides video AI delivery optimization that controls costs while optimizing the viewing experience.


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Precision Delivery Intelligence

Video-Centric Multi-Resource Decisioning

Traditional CDN load balancers weren’t designed for streaming video and can even compound delivery issues by misreading video-centric feedback. Conviva’s Precision Delivery Intelligence is the only purpose-built system for managing video stream resource distribution across a publisher’s delivery network.

Powered by Conviva’s global Video AI Platform, Precision continually measures, monitors and analyzes comprehensive video-centric sensor metrics such as video start time, bitrate and rebuffering ratio generated at the player level and uses an advanced decision engine to make traffic redistribution recommendations across all available delivery resources.

Precision Delivery Intelligence

Redistribute Traffic to Meet Any Business KPI

Conviva’s viewer-centric sensor data gathered from video players across different CDNs, internet service providers (ISPs) and geographies gives streaming video publishers a granular real-time view into the performance of every CDN in their delivery ecosystem. When combined with the Precision policy engine – which allows for the fine control of video delivery by resource, geography and costs – publishers now have the ability to not only redirect traffic to maximize quality but also define distribution policies to meet any business KPI.

With Precision Delivery Intelligence, streaming video publishers (ad-based video on demand (AVOD) & subscription video on demand (SVOD)) can set rules to redirect traffic based on quality and/or cost, either to, for example, control expenses by leveraging a low-cost, high-performing CDN or reduce operational costs by focusing solely on quality or using a mixed strategy that balances both considerations.

Benefits of Precision

Benefits of Precision Delivery Intelligence

Being able to see what’s happening at the video device or player level is key to heading off issues-like buffering or video start time that can degrade the viewing experience. This device or app-level view is at the core of the Precision API methodology and solution. As opposed to simplistic multi-CDN load balancers (which operate at the DNS level), Precision uses video AI at the application level, allowing it to use precise viewer a quality of experience (QoE) metrics and other granular parameters to fine-tune its optimization recommendations.

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Service Resiliency

Publisher-specific video intelligence to detect CDN and resource degradations— whether due to increased load or outright failures.

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Granular Redirection

Next generation viewer-level redirection methodology based on precise client location and QoE powers superior traffic shifting decisions.

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Intelligent Mitigation

Global data-drive auto-detection and mitigation of resource disruptions at any scale, from isolated regional outages to wide area service degradations.

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Simple and Scalable Integration

Single CMS integration to support any streaming protocol, device, CDN or other resources and not on critical delivery path.

AI Powered Video Delivery Optimization

Precision Delivery Intelligence is a delivery optimization data feed that informs traffic management between resources to ensure an optimal experience for video viewers. In addition to ensuring quality, the fine-tune control and global intelligence gives operations the flexibility to optimize delivery infrastructure performance using both cost and performance policies to meet any business KPI.

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