Level 3 Now Has Access to its CDN Service Analytics to Improve Overall Experience

FOSTER CITY, Calif. – Sept. 8, 2016 – Conviva, the leader in OTT experience management for the world’s top media companies, today announced Level 3 Communications as a content delivery network (CDN) collaborator for its QoE (Quality of Experience) Ecosystem Analytics initiative.

OTT publishers often rely on CDNs to deliver seamless streaming video experiences, and through this collaboration, Level 3 now has visibility into the end user experience. By sharing video experience service analytics provisioned for CDNs, a publisher can enable Level 3 to act and respond in the shortest period of time to any issues that might arise in the video viewing experience.

“For many years, Conviva has maintained a strong relationship with Level 3, and we have many shared top-tier publishers that will see the benefit of us providing the same view of consumer experience,” says Dr. Hui Zhang, Co-Founder and CEO of Conviva. “CDNs are a critical element in the delivery of a high quality streaming experience, and now Level 3 will be able to leverage Conviva analytics to deliver the best possible performance while also minimizing issues.”

Through this collaboration, Level 3 is able to look at important experience statistics by region and platform type, as well as metrics such as video start time and latency. Level 3 will also have visibility into the same dashboard as its customers, which includes alerts, customer filters and the ability to combine with customer network topology data. This provides transparency for Level 3 and its customers, as well as a customized view of its network to quickly understand and solve consumer viewing issues.

“Customer experience is a top strategic initiative for us at Level 3, and we are looking at everything through this lens,” says Jon Alexander, Senior Director of Product Management at Level 3. “Our QoE collaboration with Conviva allows us to see the experience we provide our customers through their eyes, and provides us additional data that can help us more quickly optimize our services as needed.”

About Conviva
Conviva partners with top-tier media companies and premium OTT video broadcasters and operators like HBO, ESPN, Sky and Sony to deliver optimized viewing experiences that maximize customer engagement. The Conviva Intelligent Control Platform helps providers meet and exceed ever-changing audience expectations for video experience, across a multi-screen viewing environment. Using a unique real-time map of the Internet video delivery ecosystem, the platform provides 360-degree visibility across all users, maximizes picture fidelity, and eliminates playback delays and interruptions. Multi-dimensional reports and analyses of the top-tier OTT market, based on Conviva’s tracking of 50 billion streams annually, enable data-driven decisions, supporting successful development of market-leading services. Conviva is based in Silicon Valley with offices in New York and London.  Please visit us at www.conviva.com and follow us on Twitter @Conviva.

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