San Mateo, CA – April 15, 2008 Top executives from Conviva™ (, the first LIVE media platform that enables media companies to deliver an inviting, exciting and uniting online LIVE experience, unveiled today, at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company’s groundbreaking platform to deliver LIVE media on the Internet.

Conviva’s LIVE Platform, named Conviva C3 for Concurrent Coordination and Control, enables content owners to create a new audience experience and to improve the economics of digital media on the Internet.

During NAB, Conviva™ hosted an elite group of media executives from around the world to demonstrate the ability of Conviva C3 to provide real-time intelligent, interactive and secure LIVE video distribution.

“We grew up gathering around the television to share with family and friends live entertainment, news and real-time programming of recorded shows,” said Carlos Ramon, CEO and President of Conviva. “Today, with our lifestyles, we are scattered and fragmented. Social networking and video sharing sites still don’t satisfy people’s desire to come together, to share content live. At Conviva, we introduced the world’s first media LIVE platform to deliver a “virtual living room” experience. Conviva’s platform enables media companies to bring families and friends back together and create an inviting, uniting and engaging LIVE experience.

Conviva’s LIVE Platform: C3

“Conviva solved the toughest problem on the Internet, the delivery of a high quality LIVE video experience to audiences all over the world,” said Ion Stoica, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Conviva.

Conviva’s platform and services were built from the ground up to be the LIVE platform for media. Based on scientific solutions to the issue of moving and managing enormous LIVE media files over the Internet, Conviva’s expert team has designed and developed Conviva C3 to manage and coordinate LIVE content delivery to audiences worldwide. Individuals can access LIVE content with a Conviva LIVE Pass, available through media content providers, which enables real-time, instantaneous viewing of rich-media and content.

“Our company, our products and our services are all laser focused on redefining video on the Internet and delivering the LIVE experience,” said Stoica. “In the future, anyone wanting to view a high quality online LIVE event can use a Conviva LIVE Pass to access the event on the Conviva’s C3 Platform.”

Media executives are working with Conviva to build out the platform and deliver the LIVE Experience because they understand that LIVE can energize their brand, LIVE content can be more easily monetized and the LIVE experience can attract and command a mass audience.

About Conviva

Conviva™ is the first LIVE media platform that enables media companies to create an inviting, exciting and uniting online LIVE experience. Conviva’s platform, called Conviva C3 (Concurrent Coordination and Control), provides a real-time intelligent, interactive and secure LIVE video distribution platform. Media executives around the world are working with Conviva to innovate their audience experience to energize their brand, make content pay and command the LIVE audience.