Research exploring Internet unpredictability and the resulting technical challenges facing digital media publishers to be featured at conference

SAN MATEO, CA. – Aug. 30, 2012 – The demand for online video at broadcast quality viewing experiences is exposing fundamental constraints inherent to the Internet. Conviva announced today a technical paper written by a team of Conviva scientists and engineers outlining the best practices and solutions for overcoming these challenges will be featured as “The best of IBC” at The 2012 International Broadcast Convention—the largest global gathering of thought leaders in broadcast and digital media.

Conviva improves over 2 billion streams a month for some of the largest content brands in the world and has used this unique vantage point to research the architecture of the Internet video ecosystem and how it impacts viewer engagement and digital media profitability. Their work in the industry has proven that while many hope to deliver a broadcast quality experience to online viewers, the variability of the Internet impacts every video streaming website and more than 20% of all streams experience interruptions like buffering.

“Conviva was founded on the idea that the Internet was not originally designed to provide high quality video experiences and that the variance in viewing experiences would be a hurdle for many digital media businesses,” said Dr. Hui Zhang, Chief Scientist and Co-founder of Conviva. “Our goal is to make publishers aware of this problem, provide them with technologies to optimize the viewer experience and grow their business over the best-effort Internet.”

The findings of the paper will be presented by Dr. Zhang in the IBC session, “Preserving a High Quality Experience in a Multiscreen market” at 11:30 am on Friday, September 7th in the Emerald Room of RAI Amsterdam.

About Conviva

Conviva is a viewer experience optimization company that makes streaming businesses more profitable through the increased audience engagement that comes from a buffer-free, personalized HD experience. Today, network-independent Conviva works with major media brands to improve over two billion streams a month. Conviva’s online video solutions greatly improve the viewing experience for every audience member, watching on any device, anywhere.