Conviva, the real-time measurement and intelligence platform for streaming TV, today announced the availability of Conviva Ad Insights. Leveraging over a decade of expertise in streaming video measurement, Conviva teamed up with premium publishers to build comprehensive analytics and unique metrics that provide visibility into video ad delivery and viewing experiences.

“Ad Insights is instrumental in monitoring our video ads and helps us detect ads that fail to play or are playing at low quality. With this visibility, we’ve been able to resolve issues quickly to provide the best possible viewing experiences,” said Jarred Wilichinsky, VP of Video Monetization and Operations, CBS Interactive.

U.S. digital video ad revenues are on track to exceed $13.9 billion in 2018 (S&P Global Market Intelligence), and publishers are under high pressure to deliver video ads seamlessly while maintaining stellar viewer experiences. However, complex video ad delivery workflows cause serious issues that manifest themselves in the viewing experience; Ad Insights is the only measurement tool on the market today that can detect these issues.

Ad Insights’ continuous measurement capabilities discovered that:

  • Pre-roll video ad delays up to 5 seconds caused 13.6% of viewers to abandon content
  • Delivering incorrect bitrates caused significant quality issues on 8% of video ads
  • 3.1% of all video ads failed to start
  • Ad blockers interrupted up to 40% of ad requests in some implementations

This represents a significant revenue opportunity for all publishers who closely monitor and improve their video ad delivery workflows.

“Full visibility into video ad delivery is critical for high-quality viewing experiences,” said Bill Demas, CEO of Conviva. “The real-time analytics in Ad Insights provide unbiased, actionable data that expedites resolution and drives revenue.”

To learn more about how Ad Insights can dramatically improve video ad revenues, click here.


About Conviva
Conviva is the real-time measurement and intelligence platform for streaming TV. Conviva’s Video AI Platform provides insight into streaming TV consumption, engagement, and viewer experience across every second, every stream, and every screen. With a global footprint of 50 billion streams per year across 3 billion applications and 200 million users, Conviva serves more than 200 brands, including HBO, Hulu, Sky, Sling TV, Turner, and more. The company is privately held and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with offices around the globe.