SAN MATEO, Calif.—March 10, 2009—Conviva, the real-time media control platform, announced today a multi-year relationship with NBC Universal based on the use of the Conviva™ C3 (concurrent coordination and control) platform to optimize video distribution resources and gain real-time insight to ensure a quality viewing experience for online audiences. Conviva’s managed services platform will help NBC Universal cost-effectively coordinate, optimize and deliver their digital media resources and assets across its online properties. The agreement validates Conviva’s vision to reshape the fundamentals of Internet broadcasting for media companies by providing greater distribution resource control and more granular audience insight, while enhancing the quality of the online video experience.

“Our experience with streaming the 2008 Summer Olympics provided us with more real-world knowledge about distributing live and video-on-demand (VOD) content online than any other broadcaster in the world,” said Darren Feher, executive VP and chief technology officer for NBC Universal. “We also know too well the challenges – the quality, the unpredictable nature, and the costs – associated with live and high bit rate Internet broadcasting. Our diligence and testing of traditional solutions led us to Conviva because of their inventive approach combining distributed computing and quality of service (QOS) techniques to dynamic delivery of video streams on the Internet.”

NBC Universal plans on leveraging Conviva’s advanced architecture for video delivery to extend its reach to viewers, while Conviva plans on tapping into the deep experiences of NBC Universal to accelerate enhanced features for its product line. While NBC and Conviva are not disclosing details of the agreement, the two companies will work together to drive innovation to satisfy the growth and appetite of audiences who are consuming more online video content than ever before.

“Consumers are not giving up their broadband connections. Not only is online video consumption growing, but the online medium is receiving a larger wallet share of advertising dollars. With the growth in volume as well as the richness and complexity of the user experience, we’ve seen a shift in the way that content owners want to buy and manage media distribution services to optimize costs and the online video quality,” said Lydia Leong, research director at Gartner.

Conviva’s C3 platform supports two managed services: The Conviva Resource Command Center (CRCC) and Conviva Pulse. Conviva’s Resource Command Center manages media distribution over diverse resources with customized distribution policies and control that assure broadcasters deliver the right quality for their content. Conviva Pulse gives content owners real-time, up-to- the-second audience trend and behavior insight, as well as operational intelligence to understand audiences and network operations that translate into greater revenue and a better brand experience.

“NBC leads the industry in online programming and Conviva is redefining the economics and the user experience of live, linear and on-demand media online,” said Dr. Hui Zhang, CEO and co-founder, Conviva. “Both NBC and Conviva share a passion to transform online broadcasting for global audiences by blending the quality and predictability that terrestrial TV offers with the interactivity, ubiquity and metrics only available on the Internet.”

“Similar to an air traffic controller sensing multiple, simultaneous inputs and making critical decisions on the fly, the Conviva platform has the unique ability to provide an enterprise view of all distribution resources a content owner may be using, including CDNs, cloud computing, and standard servers, as well as end-user devices owned by the viewers. Conviva C3 enables live video synchronization within two seconds, offering granular intelligence across audience and networks never available before,” said Keith Zubchevich, vice president of market development and operations for Conviva. “Content owners now have the ability to achieve broadcast quality online with complete control, global reach and live, up-to-the-second insight on audience metrics and operational effectiveness.”

About Conviva

Conviva’s real-time media control platform frees digital content owners to simplify the management and delivery of media online. Conviva’s intelligent media control platform enables content owners to manage diverse distribution resources, gain live insights, and scale with optimal economics to deliver the best quality online viewing experience. The Conviva™ platform, called Conviva C3 (concurrent coordination and control), provides a real-time intelligent, interactive and secure media control platform. Media executives around the world are working with Conviva to transform their audience experience, enhance their brand, maximize their distribution resources, and expand and better understand their audience.