Conviva Precision

Sees all, optimizes all for a TV-quality Online Viewing Experience

The Internet wasn't made for video

The biggest obstacle to consistently high video quality and a great online viewing experience is the Internet itself – it was not designed for video delivery and, unlike private networks, it is not under your control.

Global Intelligence in action

Precision, built on top of Conviva’s Intelligent Control Platform, enables you to deliver a broadcast-like viewing experience to each unique viewer despite the inherent limitations of the Internet. Conviva’s Intelligent Control Platform gathers continuous quality telemetry from billions of streams across the world, allowing Precision to build real-time Global Video Intelligence, a multi-dimensional performance map of the Internet.

Based on this intelligence, Precision delivers the highest possible video quality by continuously and automatically adjusting streaming configuration for each Conviva-enabled device.

Download the Sky & Precision Case Study here

Preemptively Optimizing Video Quality with Conviva Precision

High bitrates, low video re-buffering and successful video startup at the first attempt without a long wait are all contributors to a high-quality viewing experience. Precision carefully controls the diversity of video delivery chains to provide the best quality of experience (QoE). It uses Global Video Intelligence to select the best delivery path, be it a CDN resource or different bitrate, for each unique viewer. Combining viewer-specific information with Global Video Intelligence enables Precision to both improve bitrates and reduce buffering at the same time.


Viewing experience is affected by many factors, from failure to start streaming, to reduced image quality due to low bitrates, or stuttering images due to re-buffering. These occurrences are not uniform across devices, networks or content type and need to be accounted for individually. Precision delivers the most optimal viewing experience for each individual device by adjusting streaming delivery parameters for each and every viewer. It uses real-time Global Video Intelligence, built from video quality metrics gathered from billions of streams across the Internet, to deliver the best experience for each unique device it sees.


Precision simplifies and optimizes the management of complex workflows for online video distribution. Customers can tailor video delivery configuration for each unique device, geographical area or content type from a single control point using Precision policies. Tailored workflows maximize viewing experience, and address business and operational needs, as well as constraining cost. For example, quality-driven multi-CDN policies reduce reoccurring CDN costs without compromising quality, while also enabling fault tolerance by balancing traffic for multi-regional coverage, supporting affiliates, and creating quality of service tiers. This is accomplished automatically and instantaneously through granular policy configurations and without human intervention.


Precision provides natural resilience against failures and network congestions. Combining Global Video Intelligence with continuous monitoring of every individual video player, Precision can preemptively move viewers to alternative bitrates or resources to avoid quality degradations or outright failure of video streams.configurations and without human intervention.

Balance cost and quality

Meet CDN commitments

Tailor experience to each device