Publishers: The New Tech Companies 

July 31, 2021

Video publishers have made a dramatic shift in their strategy over the past few years. As viewers switch from cable packages to app-based video consumption, publishers are transforming into technology companies. This means that TV networks now have direct relationships with their viewers, insights into who is consuming content, and new responsibilities to address customer complaints. This position provides both challenges and opportunities for publishers as they navigate the transformation into a service that must persuade consumers to sign up and stay, build strategies around their new mountain of first-party data, and provide an excellent experience. Being successful in this new world all starts with getting the right data on their business that can be used across their organization.


Industry consolidation resulted in publishers acquiring multiple brands and applications, while content is consumed across a variety of devices. Data sets that don’t match across all these different end points create an incomplete picture of the viewer. Data needs to be easily brought together for publishers to understand not only how the multiple brands and applications are performing to ensure the best experiences possible, but also how different types of content and ads are resonating with audiences to effectively sell audience-targeted ads at scale.  


Publishers must ensure that all their internal teams operate off the same set of data. When marketing uses the same data set as advertising, for example, it is easier to make data-driven decisions about content acquisition strategies and promotional ads. When marketing and customer service operate off the same set of data, churn can be reduced with proactive, personalized messaging to viewers who haven’t been consuming content or recently experienced a video outage.


The opportunity for publishers to control their data, without relying on tech giants or tracking viewers across platforms, is huge. Publishers suddenly have a powerful asset, but they need to be able to make decisions about who gets what data and where, so that third parties aren’t capitalizing on this asset unauthorized. Viewers are more wary than ever about their privacy being protected as well. Publishers need to evaluate solutions on their ability to ensure no data leakage.  

As publishers embark on a new journey as tech companies, they need better tools, consolidated data, privacy-safe mechanisms to share their first-party data—and maybe most importantly, the right partners to help make decisions on how to address these additional challenges. Conviva’s Stream Sensor normalizes data across all brands and devices to create a holistic household ID, giving publishers a full picture of a viewer with reliable data on reach and frequency across properties. Conviva is also the only solution in the market that provides video publishers with a standard set of data, mapped to households, that centralizes data for quality of experience, content marketing, and advertising. Using Conviva allows publishers to get the most holistic and accurate view of their entire streaming platform.