Secret Life of Streamers Part II, Coming Soon!

The Secret Life of Streamers

April 6, 2018

Conviva partnered with Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst of nScreenMedia to create a first-of-its-kind research study exploring consumer behavior at the intersection of content, devices, location, and quality for video over the internet. The result was a research paper and infographic highlighting The Secret Life of Streamers, with findings that were both fascinating and surprising in many cases.

For decades, the family television set was the screen commanding our undivided entertainment attention. With many consumers turning it on in the morning, and leaving it on all day, it was our window to the world. The next generation of TV is here, and the television set in our living room no longer reigns supreme.

Consumers are increasingly comfortable watching video on all the screens at their disposal. Our initial study examined the ins-and-outs of the relationship viewers have with streaming content, including:

  • Why traditional television no longer dominates viewing
  • Why device usage is fundamentally changing how people view content at home
  • Which devices matter the most for TV content
  • How devices are changing primetime viewing
  • How in-home and out-of-home viewing differ
  • The impact of quality on the viewing experience

In even the relatively short time since The Secret Life of Streamers was released, viewership has changed, as illustrated in Conviva’s recent Continuous Measurement Census Report. As the industry-leading measurement and analytics solution for the world’s largest OTT publishers, Conviva now collects, measures, and computes data from 3 billion devices, over 14 billion video viewing hours per year, in excess of 180 countries, 3 million events per second, all global CDNs, over 1200 global ISPs, more than 2100 video app types, and more.

To put this increasing global data footprint to use, we are once again partnering with Colin and nScreenMedia to release a follow-up study: The Secret Life of Streamers, Part II. We will explore the changing trends, uncover new surprises, and give a comprehensive understanding of the state of today’s OTT viewership. If you have burning questions on consumer OTT viewing behavior, let us know!

Secret Life Of Streamers Part II Infographic