Snapchat Analytics Software

Since Snapchat’s appearance, marketers have struggled to find meaningful data inside the platform, especially since native brand analytics do not exist.

This lack makes Snapchat that much more difficult to monetize, since brands who are not familiar with the app’s interface may not know how to run a campaign effectively. With our Snapchat Analytics Software, Conviva Social Insights (formerly Delmondo) turns the platform’s 6 billion daily views from mobile devices into key metrics that measure how many people are viewing a company’s organic stories and Discover channels.


Make Your Life Easier with Automation

Conviva Social Insights simplifies our client’s daily routines by automating the collection of key metrics like total unique views and viewers, completions and completion rate, screenshots, and more. Our clients gain an in-depth understanding of the audience watching their content, as well as what makes Snapchat videos engage and retain their audiences. Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting simplifies the tracking of individual snaps, full stories, and overall account performance.

The software also retains all current and historical data in one place, allowing our clients to sort and rank their snaps and stories according to multiple metrics. This kind of granular data helps businesses to determine what content drives subscriptions and to set goals for audience growth across multiple demographics.

The Power of Conviva’s Snapchat Analytics Software

Time is the most important asset app users have. Poorly targeted content and advertising make the user feel that their time is being wasted, prompting them to unsubscribe from channels. The ability to correlate posts to highly specific audience data is therefore crucial for Snapchat marketing success. Since Snapchat does not offer native analytics tools, Conviva Social Insights steps into the gap with our Snapchat Analytics Software. We hand our clients the exact tools they need to tap into very specific audiences and tell new stories tailored to their interests. If this sounds like a business-changing opportunity for you, contact us today to talk about our products and request a demo.

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