Social Insights for Instagram

In 2019, 500 million Instagram users watched at least one Instagram Story every single day. Half a billion stories watched every day means something close to two-hundred billion videos that stream over Instagram in 2019 alone.

A collage of streaming device screens in varying sizes and the logos for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram. Also, floating around are the outlines of like and share icons. To the right hand side is a green hexagon with three chart examples inside.

Do you suspect your business might be helped by keeping track of some of the data generated by these story videos? Don’t worry, Conviva Social Insights is one step ahead of you. We wanted to figure out what’s working and what’s not for businesses in this relatively new marketing vehicle so that we could offer you the power to harness Instagram stories to promote your business and brand.

As an official Facebook Media Measurement partner, Conviva Social Insights had first access to Instagram’s API, allowing us to analyze top accounts and story after story to discover the data behind companies’ breakthrough results on social engagement thanks to Instagram Stories. We also created the industry’s first software that could provide in-depth social insights for Instagram and the Stories your business creates and promotes. 

What Can You Do with Social Insights for Instagram?

Conviva’s Social Insights tool allows you to measure key metrics for your Instagram Stories, so you can use the data to refine your content strategies for future campaigns and events. Here are some of the social insights you can monitor and utilize for Instagram, as well as compare to your content on other platforms to create an overarching picture of the lifespan of your streamed online content:

Tap into Your Audience Engagement

Social insights on your impressions, reach and reach rate keep you up-to-date not just on how often every post in your Story was played, but also how many unique accounts viewed the story and what percentage of your total audience you reached. If your reach rate is consistently high, you’ll know that your audience is engaged by your content, whereas low rates help you pinpoint which content is failing to keep viewers’ attention.

Make the Details Work
for You

Maybe data like taps forward or back on your story seems trivial, but in fact, it contains a wealth of information for your business to capitalize on. With our Social Insights for Instagram, you’ll understand that your Story completion rate gives intelligence about what keeps your audience watching all the way through, so you can replicate that effect. Taps backward mean your content is good enough for viewers to watch again. Taps forward before each Story post is done help you diagnose what’s not retaining your viewer’s attention. Exits also let you know exactly when your audience leaves. If they stay until the end, congratulations. If they tend to leave midway through, you can pinpoint the exact content that needs to be improved for audience retention.

Make Instagram the Best Tool in Your Collection

Conviva’s Social Insights for Instagram Stories can let you transform an otherwise somewhat opaque and tricky streaming channel into a tool you can use with confidence and expertise. Since more and more brands are marketing themselves on Instagram Stories, using Conviva’s intelligence to hone and refine your Story content can really set you ahead of the pack in audience retention and growth. Don’t wait to get access to the power of our Social Insights for Instagram and request a demo so you can experience the Conviva difference today.