You really have to take your hat off to the NBA. Against all odds they pulled off two seasons, flawlessly, with both completely different than any other season in history. This year, a shortened season with a new play-in tournament provided a level of excitement pre-playoffs that rivaled March Madness Final Four. With a shorter schedule, it was up to the social media managers to make the most out of every moment. In this blog we take a look at which teams did it best in the 2021 NBA Regular Season.

Top Cross-Platform Engagements for 2021 NBA Regular Season

Rank Teams Cross-Platform Engagements
1 Los Angeles Lakers 185,632,810
2 Golden State Warriors 165,118,510
3 Brooklyn Nets 70,268,393
4 Boston Celtics 51,981,444
5 Miami Heat 39,729,799
6 New York Knicks 33,085,822
7 Milwaukee Bucks 32,495,116
8 Chicago Bulls 32,241,801
9 Dallas Mavericks 31,011,685
10 Houston Rockets 28,781,187

Lebron and The Lakers took the top spot in total cross platform engagements for the 20-21 NBA regular season with nearly 200 million engagements. They were followed closely by the Golden State Warriors who charted 165 million, nearly 100 million more than the Brooklyn Nets who came in third.

Most Views on Facebook & YouTube for 2021 NBA Regular Season

Rank Teams Total Views FB+YT
1 Golden State Warriors 142,710,275
2 Los Angeles Lakers 85,386,099
3 San Antonio Spurs 79,901,986
4 Los Angeles Clippers 56,652,948
5 Brooklyn Nets 36,105,545
6 Denver Nuggets 35,128,206
7 Milwaukee Bucks 33,688,988
8 Chicago Bulls 32,776,597
9 Boston Celtics 26,907,737
10 New York Knicks 26,867,511

The Golden State Warriors dominated video views this season racking up 142 million views across Facebook and YouTube. The Lakers took second place with 85 million followed by the Spurs with 79 million.  Notable is that the Golden State Warriors are the only team to currently have over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Most Improved Engagement: Percentage Increase in Average Engagements Per Post vs Previous Season

Rank Team YoY Increase in Engagements/Post
1 Charlotte Hornets 218%
2 Brooklyn Nets 151%
3 Washington Wizards 140%
4 Denver Nuggets 88%
5 New York Knicks 27%
6 Miami Heat 23%
7 Golden State Warriors 16%
8 Portland Trail Blazers 8%
9 Atlanta Hawks 7%
10 Dallas Mavericks 6%

While Julius Randle was named the most improved player on the court, it was the Lamelo a and the Hornets who took the crown for most improved during the season. The increased their average cross-platform engagements per post by a massive 218% between 19-20 vs 20-21 season. The Nets, sporting a super squad featuring Harden, Durant and Irving took the second place sporting a 151% increase.

Most Improved Audience: Percentage Growth in Followers Following the End of the 19-20 Season

NBA Top teams growth audience

Rank Team YoY Increase in Audience
1 Brooklyn Nets 21%
2 Denver Nuggets 13%
3 Charlotte Hornets 11%
4 Golden State Warriors 7%
5 Washington Wizards 7%
6 Phoenix Suns 7%
7 Milwaukee Bucks 7%
8 New Orleans Pelicans 6%
9 Los Angeles Lakers 6%
10 Portland Trail Blazers 6%

The Brooklyn Nets’ super team grew their following the most since the end of last season. The grew their total audience by over 20%. The Nuggets and Hornets both charted double digit increases at 13% and 11% respectively.

Top Content

The Lakers took the top 9 spots for most engaged content for the 2020-2021 season with their Kobe and Gigi tribute at number 1 generating 1.2m engagements. The only other team to crack the top 10 on the season was the Golden State Warriors with their Steph Curry All-Star video.



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This data was sourced from the Conviva Social Insights – NBA Teams Leaderboard. Our cross-platform social leaderboard ranks social accounts based on industry using various social metrics across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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