Conviva’s TikTok® Benchmarks & Strategy Guide

February 21, 2020

The Conviva TikTok® Benchmark & Strategy Guide presents definitive rankings for sports, television, and news organizations on TikTok® through February 2020. In addition to offering benchmarking data on more than 300 top-performing TikTok® accounts, this report shares specifics on the strategies and tactics which enabled these brands to achieve their TikTok® success.

Included in this report:
• TikTok® rankings and benchmarks for professional sports leagues, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, television, sports media, news accounts and more
• Creative tips and strategies to improve content performance
• Definitive guide to using TikTok® analytics in your measurement strategy
• Tips from top TikTok® influencers
• Lessons learned from top brands like NASCAR, Pittsburgh Penguins, Kansas City Chiefs and Wave.TV