Case Study


Conviva Automates Quality of Experience for Viewers

Conviva has been working with major publishers to innovate the delivery of video on the internet. One major publisher in particular has been working with Conviva to deliver one of the best streaming experiences available due to their proprietary, client-agnostic technology stack. This stack leverages proprietary caching, Conviva data and Conviva’s Precision to deliver best-in-class quality of experience (QoE) for this publishers’ customers.


Recently, a DDoS attack impacted this publisher and many others on CDN B, causing a spike in video start failures (VSF) at 6X the norm, whereas CDN A customers saw the normal < 2% VSF. Additionally, CDN B’s rebuffering ratio experienced an 8X spike over the normal 0.5%, further demonstrating that there was an issue with CDN B.


Immediately, the publisher’s CDN selector, based on Conviva’s Precision, switched 70% of their requests to CDN A, dramatically reducing the VSF rate. This major publisher’s proprietary technology stack that includes Conviva’s Precision was able to reduce VSF and rebuffering due to a major CDN performance issue over a two-hour period.


By quickly and automatically switching traffic from one CDN to the other, the publisher was able to reduce VSF by 44% and the rebuffering ratio by 36%, bringing both back into expected norms and maximizing customer QoE. This combined solution saves on average 182,000 video viewing sessions from failure each month. As consumers continue to stream video on the internet, unique video delivery solutions are a must in order to deliver a consistently high quality of experience.