The Platform

Stream CDP™

Connections you can trust

Enrich the understanding of your customers through data

Stream CDP™ connects your first-party data, data from the Stream Sensor™ and Stream ID™, and data from the entire ecosystem, so you have real-time analytics and insights for quality of experience, advertising, content, customer intelligence, and social media.

On top of this is an array of APIs that are purpose-built for almost every use case in your enterprise from customer care to marketing automation, CRM, advertising, and more.

How does Stream CDP™ work?

Stream ID™

Create a holistic awareness of everything
known about each & every customer

Data Integrations

Standardize, cleanse, & surface the most
valuable information about customers

Stream Data as a Service

Activate insights to fuel intelligent, informed,
personalized customer experiences

Know your steaming customer

Consistent, anonymized data enables identity resolution and enrichment.

Measure and score your performance

Automatically surface business KPIs and opportunities for improvement.

Test and optimize

Layer delivery data like CDN performance, geo, and ad server metrics with experience data like encoding, bitrate, and asset performance to ensure a flawless streaming experience.

Activate and engage

Empower business intelligence, data science, product, tech ops, and customer care teams with comprehensive data and trigger personalized customer experiences.

Create granular segments

Campaigns, nurture programs, and personalized experiences benefit from unmatched audience intelligence.

Standardize, cleanse, and surface valuable customer data

Feed insights into the tools you already use with easy integrations.

Engage, retain, and grow subscribers and ad revenue

Use data to create a holistic awareness of what is known about each and every customer.

Elevate your streaming