Subscription Video on Demand

Maximize Subscriber Satisfaction Across Every Device for SVOD Publishers

What Conviva Can Do for SVOD Publishers

Mobile Video

Maximize the Viewing Quality of Experience

Conviva’s data-driven tools and intelligence give subscription video on demand (SVOD) publishers complete visibility into the viewer’s on-device experience, allowing them to measure and fine-tune every critical video quality factor and understand the impact of third-party infrastructure – like device type and Content Delivery Network (CDN) – on those critical factors.

Viewer Engagement

Deliver Insight Into How Viewers Engage With Content

With Conviva, SVOD publishers can see and measure everything happening in the video player on the viewer’s device, giving them unprecedented insight into how subscribers engage with content and a powerful strategic tool for making smarter creative and operational decisions.

Quality of Experience and Engagement Are Key to Subscriber Satisfaction & Retention

Conviva works with over 200 global brands that stream billions of hours of content every year.  While each service is unique, one common factor is shared: When video quality of experience degrades, engagement follows. The correlation between video on demand Quality of Experience (QoE) and engagement is definitive and indisputable. Every SVOD publisher wants to increase viewing time and, to do so, they must continue to improve QoE.

Whatever the device subscription viewers expect a wide selection of popular content, delivered without interruption at the highest-possible quality. Anything less is grounds for changing the channel and is one of the leading causes of dissatisfaction and churn.


Quality of Experience

Conviva monitors and measures over 50 QoE metrics and metadata values – like rebuffering rate, video start time and bitrate – giving SVOD publishers the data they need to optimize each stream and give viewers the best experience possible.

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Content Engagement

Conviva gives SVOD publishers the ability to tag each stream and correlate rich content metadata – genre, episode, rating, length, etc. — with engagement, providing deep, invaluable insights into SVOD viewers’ preferences and programming performance across regions, devices and time of day or week.

Increased Subscriber Satisfaction and Retention

By helping to reduce interruptions and increase engagement, Conviva provides SVOD publishers with the clearest path to greater subscriber satisfaction and retention.

Delivering Video Over the Internet Is Hard – Conviva Helps Publishers Make It Seem Easy

The internet was not made for the broadcast of high-quality video. For every on-demand stream, there are millions of complex factors – like variable bitrate and resolution encoding, multi-path delivery over different core backbone networks and a wide variety of video viewing device types – working against it's ability to be delivered smoothly to its intended target.

Delivering video quality means maintaining a constant bitrate, making sure the video starts quickly and keeping rebuffering to a minimum. It’s a complicated process, and the proliferation of new devices and apps – making metric normalization and accuracy also more difficult – is only adding to the complexity.

Possible issues when delivering video over the internet

With 100M+ combinations of potential issues video on demand publishers can face, it makes it almost impossible to offer any kind of measurement, let alone make it accurate and consistent. Maintaining video quality is a huge and increasing burden for SVOD publishers whose core competencies lie in content creation, programming and other areas. Conviva was designed to abstract away the complexity with data and intelligence that bridge that gap between internet video limitations and subscriber viewing expectations.

Video AI Architecture

Video AI Architecture
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Collect QoE and Engagement Data Across All Viewers and Devices

Every 30 seconds, Conviva works at the player level to collect and measure everything that happens with the video streaming experience. All told, the platform collects data for over 50 experience metrics and metadata values – including video start time, rebuffering ratio and bitrate – across 2.5 billion globally distributed devices on behalf of a global publisher base.

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Process and Analyze Experience Data in Real Time

The data Conviva collects is fed into its Video AI Platform and is then processed, cleansed and analyzed for use by the publisher’s network operations center. The highly accurate analytics provided by the system essentially puts the publisher in the same room (car or even now airplane) as the viewer and allows them to react in real time to any quality issue.

Anticipating and Resolving Quality Issues As They Occur to Reduce Churn

With viewer satisfaction being a function of the streaming experience, SVOD publishers only have a short window to resolve a quality issue like buffering before the video on demand subscriber becomes frustrated enough to cancel his or her subscription. In most instances, SVOD publishers have only a few seconds to identify, diagnose and resolve issues, making accurate, timely and actionable experience data critical to satisfying and retaining subscribers.

Conviva’s Video AI Platform helps SVOD publishers solve experience issues before they become a source of dissatisfaction for subscribers. Visit the Experience Insights page to learn more about Conviva’s real-time dashboard designed to provide end-to-end visibility into a publisher’s video streaming business.

Video Delivery Issues Resolution

Eliminate False Alarms and Inaccurate Reporting

Conviva’s Video AI Platform ensures accuracy by eliminating false alarms or inaccurate reporting of buffering across a variety of devices so that the first buffering alert is accurate and trusted.

Content Engagement Insights

Through its platform and work with global publishers, Conviva collects granular QoE and engagement data on more than 100B playback streams per year. This expanding global data set powers the Video AI Platform and is the source of the evolving intelligence behind every Conviva solution.

With OTT, experience and engagement are an always-moving target. Conviva’s AI allows it to continually learn from each device and session and adjust and fine-tune its performance benchmarks and quality thresholds where engagement levels start to drop.

That same AI can also provide deep and invaluable insights into subscriber experience expectations when additional factors – like content type – captured through rich content metadata tagging are added into the algorithms.

Intelligence For Smarter Organization-Wide Decision-Making

The insights gained through the correlation of rich content metadata with engagement and experience metrics expand the benefits provided by Conviva to the entire organization – helping to drive everything from subscriber satisfaction and retention campaigns to product and operational improvements and initiatives.

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Care
  • Product
  • Operations
Marketing and Sales
Using the AI engine, marketers, for example, can monitor experience and engagement trends across their subscriber base and identify video on demand upsell candidates or customers who are at risk for churn and target them with proactive recovery or promotional campaigns to increase topline subscription revenue. Sales teams can also use it to get a greater understanding of how different segments engage with content across devices and tailor their strategy and approach to sell more subscriptions.

Maximize Subscriber Satisfaction

By helping to reduce interruptions and increase engagement, Conviva provides SVOD publishers with the clearest path to greater subscriber satisfaction and retention.

Optimize Quality of Experience (QoE)

Conviva’s data-driven tools and intelligence give SVOD publishers complete visibility into the viewer’s on-device experience.

Provide Content Engagement Insights

SVOD Publishers can see and measure everything happening in the video player on the viewer’s device, giving them unprecedented insight into how subscribers engage with content.