Team Conviva Spotlight: Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

November 1, 2021

In our ongoing blog series spotlighting the variety of people and roles at Conviva, Guangbin Li shares what it’s like being a data scientist, why he chose Conviva, and more.

What is the favorite part of your job?

As a data science manager at Conviva, my favorite part is the volume and depth of streaming data I can analyze to help our customers succeed. With solid and rich data sets as a foundation, we can always discover, research, and simulate what is happening for the viewership journey behind the screens and come up with analytical insights to help video publishers with industry best practices and optimization guidelines. With this kind of flexibility and resources, I am always feeling proud of what I am doing at Conviva, and I believe Conviva’s powerful data will continue to take the whole video streaming industry to another level, in both quality and engagement perspectives.

What do you look for when you hire for your team?

Communication is the key. When hiring new members for my team, I always make sure the candidate is a team player and able to present their thought process clearly and logically. More importantly, at Conviva, no one is working alone as a one-person army. We always work as a team, as a family. So great communication skills are a critical factor to be successful at Conviva, which can help the new hire ramp up quickly by talking with different co-workers from different teams, getting familiar with our business models and industry terminologies, and also starting to make their own impacts more quickly and significantly.

How would you describe Conviva?

A fun company to work for, a great organization for career progression, a pioneer in the video streaming industry, and a place where people always take care of each other.

What do you unwind after work?

In my leisure time, I am a big sports fan. So, watching Golden State Warriors’ games live or through recap highlights is something I love, with a low rebuffering ratio, for sure.

What was the best advice you ever received in life or in your career?

“Think as a CEO.” This was advice I got from a senior mentor when I joined Conviva. This sentence helped me always approach problems by finding an optimal solution out of it. Additionally, by putting myself on a CEO seat to think about projects or ideas, I can always keep a high-level mindset to ensure the approach we decide on is not one-sided, but a clear promising path for long-term good.

Walk us through your typical day.

When working on a data project, there are three steps to follow. First, get the data ready. This means I need to think what the best database and table are to fetch the eligible data out and how to manipulate them properly, so we can get a clean data set with the most information but also one that is also storage efficient. Second, make the data fit. In this step, I will analyze the data using Scala, Python, SQL, etc. to perform different statistical models or analysis approaches and draw actionable analytics conclusions for business insights. Last but not least, let the data speak. This final part is most important, where I always leverage some BI tools like Tableau or Looker to visualize data on an interactive dashboard so the data can tell the story itself. This will help present the whole data value and makes it easy for the audience to digest and adopt. Not an easy flow overall, but I always feel motivated translating raw data into something insightful and impactful.

If you’d like to join Guangbin in making a difference in the world of data and streaming, visit our careers page to find your next great opportunity