Team Conviva Spotlight: What is Quality Engineering?

December 22, 2021

In our ongoing blog series spotlighting the variety of people and roles at Conviva, Ashwini Kumar Mishra shares his favourite parts about being a quality engineering lead, why he chose Conviva, and more.

What brought you to Conviva?

Conviva is a pure data analytics company and works on the latest, cutting-edge technologies. Someone who has a passion for data can have unlimited learning opportunities and growth. Conviva has some great minds working together to solve the problems of tomorrow. It’s absolutely a market leader in its segment. Being a data engineer, what more could I ask for?

What is the favourite part of your job? 

Data is Conviva’s fuel and maintaining high-quality data by providing insights to create an excellent streaming experience is our motto. As a quality engineering lead for the data platform team, my favourite part is to ensure that the data flow within the Conviva system is of the best possible quality and accuracy. Along with my team, I love to ensure that our data pipeline is healthy, deep dive into complex business logic, and ensure the correct engineering implementation to meet our end-user expectations.

How would you describe Conviva? 

A great place to work where people are approachable irrespective of title/team/designation, etc. People are nurtured in a culture where the company believes in caring for each other and sharing thoughts. I joined Conviva during the pandemic, and I’m truly inspired to see the personal attention that was given to each employee from our HR and leadership team to ensure everyone is safe and at best of their mental health. We are encouraged to take time off and take care of ourselves and family as well as our mental health.

How do you unwind after work? 

Post work, my priority is spending time with my family. I always try to take maximum benefit out of working from home.

What do you look for when you hire for your team? 

We always encourage the term “we” over “I” since teamwork is one of our core values. We look for someone who is a team player, displays passion towards learning, and has good technical knowledge. The person should be confident, proactively communicate, and collaborate well across teams, which will not only help him/her/they, but also Conviva to achieve respective goals.

Walk us through your typical day. 

It is easy going. We meet in our stand-ups and discuss the issue blockers and mitigation plans. The data platform is the backbone of our entire product pipeline. We ensure our data pipeline is working with top performance and that all our dashboards are running effectively to give proper insights about our analytical study on over-the-top (OTT) streaming. Work focuses on the critical platform releases and all quality checks around it. We have well-scheduled meetings and sessions which we utilize for cross-training resources and knowledge sharing. Friday evenings are extra fun before we sign off for the weekend, because our HR team constantly shares new ideas and events for collaboration.

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