Conviva is really excited for the holidays, partially because we’re about to host our 4th Annual Hackathon over the weekend of December 12th. In the past, we’ve seen some great results from Hackathon’s, including many new ideas that were further developed into new product features. Our current Pulse QoE visualization portal built using HTML5 was initiated through a hackathon project a few years ago. Also, our approach to a globally distributed multi-datacenter platform was prototyped first as a hackathon project. This system helped power several World Cup broadcasts earlier this year. Our hackathon projects have also created several internal tools that have become part of our daily routine.

This year the teams are working on projects around business intelligence, predictive algorithms, and automatic production deployment tools. Of course, there are many other “Top Secret” Hacks that we will announce if they end up winning. The goal of each Hackathon is to let the team be creative and work on a special project that also improves the Conviva products and services. The projects don’t have to involve coding and we encourage the entire company to get involved. Many of these projects will improve workflows for our clients and the Conviva team, improve Conviva core capabilities, or introduce future directions for our products.

For every hacker, we’re giving away awesome T-shirts that tie in one of our big clients, HBO. We’re calling it “Game of Hacks.” Though not as cut-throat as Game of Thrones, it will be a fast-paced, competitive event! The winners will be announced at our annual holiday party in San Francisco, so it’s a really exciting time.

In addition, winners get significant cash prizes!

  • 1st place prize price point: up to $1000/person
  • 2nd place prize price point: up to $500/person
  • 3rd place prize price point: up to $300/person
  • Demo prize price point: up to $100/person

Stay tuned for the winners and more news from Conviva HQ!