The Future of Streaming Audience Intelligence

December 13, 2021

In responding to RFPs from advertisers, it’s important for sales teams at streaming services to recommend packages of inventory that will have the best audience reach and provide optimal frequency.

Having insights into inventory performance across different audiences is the best way to do this. Through Conviva’s integration of Experian data with our industry-leading data set of deduplicated, census-level ad and content exposure sales teams can get more insights than ever before.

Now, streaming publishers can better package inventory based on content that performs well for similar audiences. Users of Conviva can log on, filter to a specific audience, and immediately see content ranked by unique household reach of demographic segments. This creates the ability to go beyond run-of-genre packaging to create exciting new bundles of content to reach particular demographics.

Evaluating inventory’s performance against audiences also helps to reduce waste in campaigns, whether they are audience-targeted or demo-guaranteed. Packaging inventory based on historical performance against demographics ensures better delivery with fewer mid-campaign optimizations.

Sellers can also confidently recommend ad products like sponsorships or branded content with data that shows they will likely reach a target and now have specific reach and frequency metrics to point to in their sale, removing reliance on just “trusting” that a piece will perform.

The future of monetizing streaming services lies in providing intelligent metrics that verify why one offering is differentiated from another and to better demonstrate to advertisers how well they are reaching—and at what frequency they are reaching—their targets.

To learn more about how Conviva’s integration with Experian can help you better monetize audiences, request a demo