A few months ago, TikTok seemed like just another blip on the radar of social media analytics. Then the platform not only maintained its success—it exploded! Now businesses and enterprises all over the world are leveraging TikTok’s unprecedented popularity to deliver their brands and video content to a younger, broader audience. That’s where Conviva Social Insights comes in, as we roll out our powerful TikTok analytics software.

Conviva’s Social Insights is the only tool that empowers brands to measure their TikTok campaigns alongside all other major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Snapchat (organic and Discover), Twitter and YouTube – an industry first for social media marketers. Conviva TikTok Analytics was specifically designed to illuminate marketer blind-spots with a unified cross-platform view, delivering social media teams the comprehensive insight they need to make marketing decisions.

The Power of TikTok Analytics

It’s time to take TikTok seriously. The platform is now used by over 75% of professional sports teams and was the most downloaded app on the planet in the first quarter of 2020. TikTok’s massive growth has dramatically increased brands’ and businesses’ need to measure and quantify their results—just as you would do with your data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. That’s why Conviva has developed software to allow you to track TikTok metrics in the same dashboard as you would all your other major social platforms. For the first time, you can combine organic TikTok posts with any post from any platform, for comprehensive and automated campaign reporting.

Major brands like Nascar and several sports teams are now jumping on board with Conviva TikTok Analytics, to track data and metrics and optimize the content they deliver to their audiences.

TikTok Analytics allows you to...

Explore with Granularity

Track and rank individual post performance by likes, shares and comments.

Gain Holistic Insights

Add TikTok posts to cross-platform marketing campaigns for a true 360 view of your social success.

Compare Analytics

See how your total views on TikTok compare to other social media platforms.

Track Growth

Track audience growth and post volume by day and much more!

Major benefits of Conviva’s TikTok Analytics Platform

TikTok has offered new ways to engage demographics that are not easily accessible by traditional advertising methods. As social media presence steadily becomes a make-or-break element of brands’ success, they need to tap into the culture and lifestyle of potential new fans, by reinventing the type of content they create. TikTok presents a light-hearted way to showcase a different side of your brand while increasing your visibility to entirely new audiences.

TikTok has recently made its native analytics available to any user with a Pro Account. Even with access to these additional insights, however, knowing how to use them to improve your content or optimize your measurement strategy can be tricky. Knowing this, Conviva TikTok Analytics offers a streamlined, accessible tool for understanding the value of this new platform and improving content. Here are just a few of the benefits we can offer our clients:

Accelerated time to insight with streamlined reporting

Spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing. Our tools create additional bandwidth that liberate social media teams for deeper data analysis and actionable insights.

Identification of key themes, hashtags, and content

By understanding what drives the most TikTok views and engagements, publishers can refine content strategies to make more of what resonates with their audience on TikTok.

Benchmarks for performance around key tentpole events

Conviva TikTok Analytics enriches sponsorship and promotion opportunities thanks to its seamless capability to integrate TikTok into ongoing branded content strategies and campaign reports.

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