7 Tips For Live Event Success on Snapchat

Mike Metzler

March 16, 2016

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Let’s be real. If you’re running a brand account on Snapchat, creating good content is hard. There’s a lot at stake, as I’ve written about before. However, some Snapchat content is set up easier to create than others, one example being live event coverage.

Snapchat was made for live events. The ability for a person to gather behind the scenes footage in real time or share the atmosphere of an event to people who aren’t there gives their community a level of access that makes them feel rewarded.

I’ve been lucky enough to Snap several live events for brands and have found that there are a few tips and tricks that will help make your content so much better:

1. Know the schedule

I personally like to carry around a print out of the schedule for when things are happening. This will ensure you don’t miss any key shots for when people are coming out of the lockers, taking the stage or finishing up a set.

2. Befriend security

Are you going to have behind the scenes access? Is this your first time working with this show/brand/event? Go up to the security staff and introduce yourself to them and let them know what your doing. This way when your trying to rush across a stage or stadium for a key shot you don’t have to get stopped each time and explain what you’re doing.

3. Plan some of your shots ahead of time

At live events, there will be TONS of stuff to cover depending on how big the event is. The goal for your story should be to tell a compelling narrative throughout the day/night. If you go around shooting everything you see, your story will look unorganized and will lose the attention of anyone watching. Make sure you give some thought to the narrative you want to tell before you start shooting your story.

4. Shoot lots of content and delete stuff later

This is one of my favorite tricks. When you are covering a live event on Snapchat you don’t have time to shoot a video, post it, and then re-watch the entire story to see if it fits in right. I recommend posting tons of Snaps to your story and when you have a second go back and re-watch your story and delete the ones that don’t add any value to the narrative.

5. Know what you’re not allowed to shoot

Are you shooting an event that is going to be on Pay-Per-View or televised nationally? There might be (almost definitely) some licensing restrictions on what you’re able to show. Make yourself aware of any restrictions prior to shooting content, you don’t want to get anyone fined.

6. Know who is attending

Are there going to be celebrities attending? Is there a long list of bands that will be performing? If you are going to be in the same area/room/backstage with some of these people it is a perfect opportunity to get them to be in your Snap story. I’m personally terrible with names, so having a list of their names and how they are spelled can prevent some awkwardness later on.


7. Keep It Up

Last but not least… for the love of God, if you are shooting content on Snapchat. Keep it vertical.

Live events make for great Snapchat content and using influencers is a win/win scenario. You can feel comfortable in the quality of the content they create and you can capitalize on their influence to build your own channel.



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Mike Metzler is a Snapchat influencer, artist and strategsit for brands at Delmondo. You can follow him on Snapchat at Metz044 or on Twitter at MTZLER.