Top 10 Social Leaderboard: Streaming TV

By: Mike Metzler

April 22, 2020


Top 10 Streaming TV Accounts on Social Media - April

As the world shut down, streaming services turned on. Daytime streaming, from the hours of 10am-5pm, increased by nearly 40% in just two short weeks in March. Streaming services have a unique opportunity to draw in a captive audience, and savvy services have drastically increased their social content and advertising in the hopes of capturing that increased attention and acquiring new viewers. We used the Conviva Social Insights Leaderboard to see who were the streaming TV leaders in the past 30 days (beginning April 22) and ranked them by views on Facebook and YouTube and total cross-platform engagements (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram). In this blog we look at the top performing accounts based on our views ranking to see what they were doing to drive success.

1. Facebook Watch

Snapshot From Facebook Watch Shared Post Of Red Table Talk "Managing Anxiety & Fear During Covid-19"

Coming in at the top of the list is Facebook Watch with over 61.4 million views in the past 30 days. All of their views are tallied on Facebook where the platform has been heavily advertising their VOD (video on demand) service. More than 60% of the views for Facebook Watch came from a single video promoting an episode on managing anxiety and fear during COVID-19 from one of their flagship shows, Red Table Talk.  If you’ve been on Facebook, there is a good chance you’ve seen this video promoted in your feed. Facebook’s ability to advertise their own service to one of the largest audiences in the world remains a huge advantage.

2. Netflix

Netflix YouTube Channel - Full Shows

Netflix comes in second with 54 million views on Facebook and YouTube in the past 30 days. Netflix views on YouTube were more than double those on Facebook, with 38 million on YouTube compared to the 16 million on Facebook. Trailers for new shows drove the most views on YouTube, capturing 4 of Netflix’s top 5 videos in the past 30 days. A sing-a-long of the viral Joe Exotic – I Saw a Tiger music video captured the fifth spot.

Notably, Netflix also released 30 full episodes of their shows, including the very popular Our Planet series, directly on their YouTube in past 30 days.

3. Quibi

quibi fortnite screenshot

Leading up to and after their launch on April 6, Quibi has been actively posting and promoting content in the past 30 days. If you’ve been online in the past two months you’ve probably seen a Quibi ad. They totaled 39 million views in the past 30 days on YouTube and Facebook, despite having the smallest audience in the top 10. To promote their service, Quibi has been blanketing the internet to raise brand recognition and adoption. In addition to the views tallied on Facebook and YouTube, Quibi promotions can be found on Twitter, TikTok®, Instagram Stories, and on home page takeovers of popular news sites. Most interestingly, and out of the box, was their recent takeover of Fortnite. Within Fortnite there is an area that replicates an old drive in theater. Quibi used this spot to showcase clips from the new Punk’d series while players were in the game. But don’t spend too long watching or else you might end up getting Punk’d yourself.

4. Hulu

Hulu YouTube Solar Opposite

Hulu came in fourth, just slightly behind Quibi with 34.9 million views on YouTube and Facebook in the past 30 days. Similar to Netflix, their most popular content came from trailers for new shows. Unlike Netflix, Hulu gets 99% of their views from YouTube. Their most viewed content has been around the promotion of their upcoming show, Solar Opposites, an animated show from Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty.

5. WWE Network

WWE Network Undertaker Last Ride Facebook

WWE Network shined and drew in 22.8 million views in the past 30 days, partially thanks to WrestleMania 36 which aired April 4th and 5th. WWE Network does not have its own YouTube channel separate from the official WWE channel, but their Facebook numbers showed that there is a huge demand for sports content in today’s current climate. Surprisingly, their most viewed content wasn’t highlights or previews for WrestleMania 36 but a first-look trailer for Undertake: The Last Ride, which was made available to watch on WWE Network immediately following WrestleMania 36.

6. Apple TV

Coming in sixth place is Apple TV with 11.8 million views. Impressively, Apple TV is up over 100% in views from the previous 30 days. After having made numerous shows available for free on the Apple TV app in the past 30 days, Apple has also been creating content to promote these offerings.


With a lack of sports events worldwide, it is a stellar feat that DAZN finds itself in the top 10 with 7.5 million views on Facebook and YouTube over the past 30 days. Although DAZN recorded a slight drop, the sports-focused streaming service has taken to YouTube and Facebook to post full-length fights and highlight videos to keep fans engaged.

8. Disney+

Disney+ totaled 5 million views on Facebook and YouTube in the past 30 days, up over 70% from the previous 30 days. Unsurprisingly, Disney+ has gotten very creative as of late. In addition to promotion of new shows and movies like Onward and The Disney Family Singalong, Disney+ placed their new Simpsons short film on their Facebook page for 24 hours and partnered with John Stamos to read bedtime stories for kids.

9. Crunchyroll

The always popular anime publisher Crunchyroll went big on Facebook and brought in over 4 million views on that platform in the past 30 days. Unlike other services which saw video trailers drive the majority of views, for Crunchyroll short clips from popular anime shows in meme formats captured the most attention.

10. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video captured the 10th spot on the list with 4.1 million views. Their top video content was varied and included behind the scenes recaps, trailers and a Spongebob meme compilation. 

Now That’s Interesting – Honorable Mention: HBO Max

HBO Max Friends TikTok

In a flurry of big names entering the streaming game, HBO Max is the last major streaming service to launch. Scheduled to arrive on May 27th, 2020 with a slew of new and high profile-licensed content, HBO Max is engaging fans early with more content production across all social channels. One very interesting example is the launch of the verified Friends TikTok® account. Since being established at the beginning of April, the account has racked up nearly 400k followers in just two weeks. Friends is a cornerstone piece of content for HBO Max and they are clearly driving new interest for the show with a presence on the TikTok®. To compliment the launch of the account, HBO Max has also started advertising on the platform. Log in to TikTok® sometime in the next month and there is a good chance you’ll be served an HBO Max TikTok® ad.

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