Marketing Optimization

Case Study: Latin American vMVPD

When the vMVPD’s engagement, marketing, and programming teams gained access to Conviva, they recognized that data could not only help them to make better decisions, but it was also a valuable tool in helping them measure the success of these decisions. The team operationalized Conviva’s data solutions and leveraged insights to increase minutes watched per viewer, boost content diversity consumed per viewer, improve marketing tactics, and optimize their application flow.

Why Behavioral Segmentation is Crucial for Streaming Platforms

Streaming services can now gauge what their viewers watch, how long they watch it, what problems they face during the process, which devices they use, where they like to watch, average viewing time, abandonment patterns, and binge-watching habits—among many, many more metrics at the census level.

Growing and Engaging your Streaming Audience

How do you leverage your viewer data to create a strategy around engagement, retention, and churn reduction? It’s possible to build a robust viewer retention strategy as long as you have the right data. Here, we guide you through the four areas you should be leveraging data to grow and engage your audience.

Measuring Household Reach to Understand Password Sharing

The publisher wanted a strong understanding of the size of their audience to evaluate content decisions, support ad sales, and evaluate churn. Leveraging Conviva's proprietary algorithm, they got a better understanding of their total reach for advertisers and a more accurate picture of content consumption.