The Case for Experience-Centric Operations

While Observability and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools have transformed how engineering and operations teams function over the last ten years, there are several challenges that every VP of Ops and CTO still face with no clear solution in sight.

Pitfalls of Today’s Observability Tools

Today’s monitoring tools focus almost exclusively on backend servers and applications. Unfortunately, this means ops teams are completely disconnected from the user experience, leaving them guessing in the dark and with no context on how to prioritize.

Conviva’s Approach to Experience-Centric Operations & Stateful Analytics

Conviva’s approach to build a platform for Experience-Centric Operations involves two key technologies: 1) A thin SDK (we call Sensor), which is a new approach to collecting data from application endpoint and 2) Time-State Technology, which is a new abstraction and system for efficient, real-time, and stateful data processing at scale.