Unlock the Power of Multi-Dimensional Troubleshooting

Millions of unique viewers are tuned in to their favorite streaming service at any given moment. So how do streaming companies monitor performance, identify and troubleshoot the cause of service disruptions impacting any and all of them while they’re still in session?

Time-State Analytics—Why Everyone Should Care

This week, Henry Milner, a principal engineer at Conviva presented our paper: Raising the Level of Abstraction for Time-State Analytics With the Timeline Framework at the Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR) in Amsterdam.

Optimize Your Streaming Business by Democratizing Data

Making key data sets more immediately available across teams can benefit any organization looking to expedite and optimize their systems. In turn, it will allow companies to utilize their BI resources more efficiently, accelerate action on various teams, and foster a culture of insights-driven decision-making.

Building a Sustainable Streaming Business With Data

Getting viewers to tune in and stay on your platform requires attention to new data points and analysis. There are three key areas publishers should continue to evaluate, and having the right data to measure each them is essential. 

Piecing Together the Problem of Device Fragmentation

Streaming continues to reign supreme for viewers, and operators are navigating the delivery of content on a seemingly endless array of devices. Add to that the associated platforms, operating systems, and updates, and it’s no wonder device fragmentation has become a major issue for streaming services. Explore what device fragmentation looks like, common challenges impacting streaming providers, and best practices for getting it under control.