Transform your Customer Care Experience with Conviva + Salesforce

September 16, 2021

Customer experience reigns supreme

As the streaming industry becomes more competitive, delivering exceptional customer care experiences remains a key area of differentiation for businesses to drive customer loyalty and combat churn.

81% of companies compete based on customer experience.

The best customer care experiences resolve concerns quickly, but troubleshooting quality of experience (QoE) issues can be a time-consuming process impacting all the major KPIs customer care organizations use to measure success like average hold times, time to resolution, and customer satisfaction. So how can streaming businesses deliver a fast customer care experience while still effectively resolving issues that keep viewers happy?

Introducing Conviva for Salesforce Service Cloud

As stewards of the most valuable dataset for streaming media companies, we know how important it is to help our customers activate their viewer intelligence to drive key business objectives throughout the business.

Customer care is no exception, which is why we built Conviva for Service Cloud, delivering privacy-compliant viewer intelligence directly into the hands of customer care agents.

Available as an application installed through Salesforce AppExchange, this turnkey integration enables 30 or 90 days of lookback on relevant viewer stream performance and QoE metrics surfaced in a single pane of glass within the Service Cloud interface.

Delivering this viewer stream intelligence for CSRs facilitates faster first-call resolution, reduced tier 2 and 3 escalations, a context-aware support experience, chargeback verification, and ultimately churn reduction.

With full visibility into the performance of each stream, customer care agents can quickly form an accurate picture of the viewers’ experience before ever asking a single question.

71% of consumers believe that a quick response from your service team can drastically improve their customer experience.

With granular insights into things like bitrate, internet service provider (ISP), and content delivery network (CDN) performance, agents can quickly and easily determine whether issues are the result of poor network performance on the customer side or problems occurring on the delivery or asset side.

Replacing the time-consuming process of troubleshooting technical issues, Conviva for Service Cloud offers agents the ability to understand exactly what’s going on with a glance and answer questions like:

  • Which ISP is the customer using and are they the cause of the problem?
  • What devices and operating systems are viewers consuming content on?
  • What content was being watched and was the viewer’s experience good or bad?
  • Was a viewer’s poor experience unique or caused by a larger service issue affecting other customers?
  • What errors occurred during a streaming session?
  • What was the QoE for each piece of content?

Address chargeback fraud

Using a simple red or green indicator representing the quality of every streaming session, agents can instantly and accurately identify exactly when and with what program a problem occurred.

With optional 90 days of lookback available with Conviva for Service Cloud, your agents will know exactly whether a customer experienced a service issue to validate their claim before processing any chargebacks.

Drive customer loyalty

The last thing anyone contacting support wants to hear once they finally reach a real person is “let me transfer you.” With Conviva for Service Cloud, every customer care agent can effectively resolve QoE-related issues faster and without the need to escalate to more costly tier 2 and 3 resources.

Only one in five consumers will forgive a bad experience at a company whose customer service they rate as “very poor.” Nearly 80% will forgive a bad experience if they rate the service team as “very good.”

Faster issue resolution means happier customers; simple as that!


To learn more about Conviva for Service Cloud, watch the webinar.