Twitter Video Analytics

As the delivery of streamed content becomes more fluid and more connected to the vast array of social media platforms, social engagement becomes essential to finding and retaining loyal video and television viewers.

Twitter especially has positioned itself as a platform complementary to TV. Data shows that live-tweeting lifts follower growth rate. Audiences especially love real-time videos on Twitter. Navigating this complicated interplay between Tweets, Twitter video, and off-Twitter streamed content can be complicated. That’s why Conviva Social Insights (formerly Delmondo) supports our clients in tracking all their content with Twitter video analytics.

The Importance Of Twitter Video Analytics

Tracking your brand’s Twitter video analytics is a crucial part of any business’s social media campaign. For the uninitiated, Twitter analytics is a built-in data-tracking platform created to show you, the user, what is going on specific to your Twitter account and activity, also known as insights.

Twitter analytics can reveal critical insights into how your target audiences engage with your content, what content performs best, and whether your company’s social media strategy is indeed effective.
Simply put, if you’re not using Twitter analytics, then you are overlooking key Twitter insights that could help you streamline your strategy and maximize your investment.

Measuring What Matters

The metrics of social videos track the success of your video performance and content. This is especially important when you consider that videos tend to get a higher engagement rate than just posting photos or text on your brand’s feed. However, it’s a bit different from the metrics of a regular post. For one, each platform comes with different kinds of metrics and different terms for them. 

According to Twitter, tweets with videos receive 10x more engagement than tweets without them. Essentially, you leave much money on the table if you aren’t leveraging video in your tweets.  

As an official Twitter Partner, Conviva empowers our clients to measure all the information on Twitter videos. Here are just a few of the metrics we can help our clients collect when managing their social media strategy:

Post Organic Video Views

The number of times a specific tweet containing a
video asset was viewed for at least two seconds.

Total Engagements

This includes the number of clicks on media across videos, vines, gifs, and images.

URL Clicks

The number of times a URL in the Tweet has been clicked.


The number of times users saw the tweet.

Media Views

The number of times media was played (autoplay and click) counted across videos, vines, gifs, and images.

Best Ways to Increase Twitter Video Engagement

Using Twitter Analytics for your business will help your brand make data-driven decisions about your social media strategy for Twitter. Armed with data, brands can optimize their Twitter campaigns to improve their results, increase their engagement rate and gain more followers. Here are some ways of increasing Twitter video engagement.

1. Make it short and sweet.

Keep it short and straightforward, says Twitter. They argue that grabbing attention is crucial to stopping users from scrolling through the Twitter feed or going to different Twitter sites. If your brand’s message can be conveyed in the first three seconds of your Twitter ads, you’re far more likely to grab your video viewers’ attention. Not to mention push your key messaging; you’ll capture more of your target audience.

2. Product & people included

Successful Twitter video campaigns that open their video ads focusing on the product have a 34% increase in link clicks. This is, of course, relative to the product and including the targeting of ads. However, the idea is that you need to grab people’s attention fast!

3. Use visual cues

Twitter says the final way to increase video engagement is overt branding. The company advises that brands consider positioning their logo within the video frame to emphasize the association further.

For more information on how Conviva increases engagement with an emerging social media platform apart from Twitter, read about what we’re doing here.

Use Twitter Video Analytics to Streamline Your Business

Like so many of our products, Conviva Social Insights enables our clients to save time by automating their reporting process for campaigns, events, content series, influencer or branded content activations, and more. Moreover, our product supports clients in linking together data about their campaigns from all their social media platforms, starting with Twitter and including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and more.

Twitter’s ability to share almost any kind of media makes it an essential venue for video-streaming companies. Good data makes navigating the ins and outs of Twitter content far more accessible and more automated, which is why Conviva Social Insights prides itself on offering an in-depth set of Twitter Video Analytics for our clients’ use. Contact us today if this sounds like something your company needs. We’ll help you with a demo and more information to make an informed decision for your future business growth.

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