Video AI? How Do You Communicate and Brand Video AI on a Website?

September 6, 2017

Conviva was the first company to measure and provide analytics for the streaming video playback experience, or quality of experience (QoE), at scale for global OTT publishers. We have been doing this now for over ten years and were one of the early innovators in processing big data in real-time, and using machine learning to do things like cleansing the continuous stream of metrics and metadata from billions of devices playing many billions of streaming viewing hours. Recently, we designed and started developing a new class of video-specific artificial intelligence to help with the detection, diagnosis, and prediction of service delivery issues for OTT providers. We call this our Video AI Architecture and Platform.

Earlier this year we refreshed and launched a modified Conviva logo based on a brand refresh and this new vision for Conviva. The previous mark was bold, all capitals, sharp edged, and pretty aggressive. While that might have worked in the early days of OTT and with the old product family, we have decided that the company brand needed a re-design to support the new products and services as well as the maturity of the OTT market. The new mark is more elegant and refined, modern with lower case letters, round and flowing like a good streaming video experience, and yet still leveraging the brand equity found in the Conviva power button.

Then we turned our attention to the website, as anyone who has built a website knows, one of the most challenging corporate marketing jobs is re-designing a website for an existing brand. Furthermore, Conviva is a very sophisticated B2B technology brand based on software-defined networking, big data processing, machine learning, and streaming video QoE. Anyone of those is a brand and website by itself. We elevated all those technology concepts up to a few higher-level positioning pillars summarized in the following statement:

Video AI Platform – Conviva has built and deployed a unique and new intelligent measurement and analytics architecture for the next generation of TV.

All we now need is a website that clearly and richly communicates “Video AI” through the lens of measurement and analytics and how that will enable the next generation of TV. Simple, right? First, since we are all about streaming video and the next generation of TV, the site better use video in a clever and unique way since Conviva is also clever and unique. So we put together a one-day video shoot (at a very low cost) and then integrated the footage into the site as background imagery, while also making use of photo overlays, motion graphics, and text in a subtle and sophisticated manner.

Next, how best to capture the concepts of artificial intelligence for both measurement and analytics of streaming video? Here we employed both narrative story-telling and very involved graphic art that communicates an extremely complicated and esoteric architecture in hopefully a pretty straight forward and clear way, while still conveying the complexity of the underlying software and algorithms. Each customer solution page is a long form narrative that employs photography, graphics, and text to explain how Conviva benefits each customer type while cross linking to product and technology sections. The technology page is a multi-layered discourse into the Video AI Architecture that is not for the faint of heart, you must really have an interest in streaming video, artificial intelligence, or software architecture (or even better all three) to really fully work your way through this and fully understand Conviva. But if you do, then we feel this design and web implementations is one of the best we have seen at fully explaining the core technology elements of our solution.

Conviva aspires to be the measurement and analytics architecture for the next generation of TV, the generation where we can watch on any screen, in any place, and any content we wish on demand or stream live. Hopefully this website communicated both that vision and how we plan to get there.