Viewers Are Watching Everything from Everywhere. Now What?

March 22, 2022

For customers, the streaming journey is filled with starts, stops, and detours as they hop from one device to another to watch the latest big show on an array of streaming services. For the viewer, it’s all about flexibility and convenience. For streaming providers, though, it’s a different story. 

In the recent webinar with Streaming Media, Streaming Media West Connect: The Multi-Platform, Multi-Device Challenge, industry experts discuss the challenges of navigating and responding to viewer behavior over multiple devices and on multiple platforms. 

Understanding the market to understand your focus

Conviva’s State of Streaming reports found that viewing time is streaming is up 266% over the past three years. The reason? People are watching more content in more places. The long list of devices delivering content includes smart TVs, mobile phones, desktops, connected TVs, tablets, and gaming consoles. 

With such a broad landscape, it can be tough for publishers to know just how, when, and where subscribers are engaging with content. Everyone in the industry is looking to capture the attention of as many viewers as possible, but it can be challenging to know where to invest your resources in such a splintered market.  

“In this age of COVID, I think that everyone is on teams with competing priorities. At the end of the day, knowing where to focus your attention on optimizing devices, optimizing players—understanding this data and the markets that you operate in—is super important.  – Aaron Rosenthal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Conviva  

Leveraging your code for greater reach on the big screen

While consumers have their pick of devices to choose from, there is one that stands out from the crowd, according to Conviva’s State of Streaming report.  

“About three-quarters of the consumption of video content is across the big screen. Big screens include connected devices like Roku, Chromecast, or Fire TV and the smart TV segment. I think this is really important to know, especially for technology teams.” Aaron Rosenthal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Conviva  

This is remarkable, considering that a mere decade-and-a-half ago, there weren’t any smart TVs, well, anywhere.  

“We’ve gone from zero installed base on this day 15 years ago to the level of penetration and availability that we have today where smart TV really is synonymous with TVs in general.” – Nick Colsey, Vice President, Business Development, Sony Electronics Inc. 

Rema Morgan-Aluko, senior director of software engineering for Fandango, is always looking for ways her team can expand its reach and capitalize on its efforts in the realm of the big screen.  

“I think one of the great things about Android TV for those who are building their platforms is you can leverage your engineering talent that’s been focused on mobile development and shift that over to Android TV development, which is great. We want to make sure that we’re on as many platforms as possible with the team and the resources that we have.” – Rema Morgan-Aluko, Senior Director, Software Engineering, Fandango 

For his part, Byron Saltysiak, Vice President of Video and Connected Devices for WarnerMedia, is also trying to get more value from his resource investments. 

“We do a lot behind the scenes to try to make sure we’re not duplicating code from a client-side. We’re really, with one set of assets, rolling out to every device, which has been a nice move forward for us.” – Byron Saltysiak, VP of Video and Connected Devices, WarnerMedia  

Using data to enhance experience—and grab the attention of viewers 

Streaming providers need more robust data to know with confidence what device and operating system their viewers are watching their content on, and how often they’re passing the baton to a different device so they can finish their viewing session.  

With competition continuing to get tougher, it’s more important than ever to have a complete picture of the viewer experience. Data can help streaming publishers understand the whole story.  

“Conviva currently has our sensor measuring video content that’s running on about four billion applications running on devices. We measure 500 million unique viewers across the world. Our platform is processing roughly three trillion data events per day.” Aaron Rosenthal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Conviva  

Add that all up, and Conviva is able to measure everything that happens from the moment a viewer opens an app and presses play to how smooth their experience engaging with the content is. 

“We are Conviva users. That is one way that we keep an eye on our performance metrics and make sure that we are delivering the highest quality we can across everything that we’re delivering.” – Byron Saltysiak, VP of Video and Connected Devices, WarnerMedia  

This engagement data helps publishers make clear decisions so they can deliver flawless video experiences and keep subscribers captivated over the long haul. 

“By being able to properly measure what happens within your app and what the interactions are, that’s the only way that you’re going to understand and be able to optimize further engagement because, at the end of the day, the more people engage, the more people watch, the more money you can make.” – Aaron Rosenthal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Conviva  

Watch the Streaming Media West Connect webinar, The Multi-Platform, Multi-Device Challenge webinar, here