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Is Content King? An Insider’s View of the Streaming Industry

Nov TBD | 1pm EST

Bill Gates wrote the words “Content is King” in a 1996 essay. In it, he describes the future of the Internet as a marketplace for content. Now, in 2020, while content is still clearly king, it is one of myriad factors that go into becoming a successful streaming service.

While content may seem simple on the surface, for instance buy a wildly popular show (like The Office for which NBC paid 500 million) or make a lot of original programming and hope for a hit (like Netflix with 371 original movies and TV shows in 2019), the business of content has gotten increasingly complex as streaming services build and buy their war chest of syndicated shows, original content, and live programming.

As part of the VIVAcon webinar series we talk with an industry insider on the evolution of the streaming business, where the industry is headed, and how to leverage content to become king.

Research Deep Dive: Conviva’s State of Streaming - Q3 2020

December 2, 2020 | 1pm EST

Conviva’s State of Streaming provides industry insights based on the most comprehensive and diverse streaming media data set in the world. Explore the latest report with the authors as we dive into the trends defining streaming content, advertising, and social media in 2020.

This year has been anything but predictable, with streaming patterns unlike anything we’ve seen before. Q2 was marked by a decline in global advertising demand, the ascendance of smart TVs, the continued market share dominance of connected TV devices like Roku and Fire TV, and the changing ways viewers are connecting with social platforms. Will Q3 continue or buck these trends, what surprises will emerge, and how will the world reopening affect viewing, sports, and social media engagement?

In this VIVAcon webinar, we will walk through the latest data from Conviva, provide industry context, and discuss what additional trends we see emerging as the year comes to a close.

  • Panelists

    Mike Metzler – Digital Marketing Manager at Conviva

    Paula Winkel – Director of Marketing at Conviva

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Working Together: The Intersection Organic and Paid Social Content

October 7, 2020 | 1pm EST

In today’s ever-changing social landscape, paid and organic social strategies are more closely intertwined than ever before in order to achieve an organization’s goals in social media, including driving conversion, engagement, awareness, and more.

The unfortunate reality for many organizations is that paid and organic social teams rarely work as closely as they should. Often paid social is siloed in another part of the business or with a partner agency that may use different creative resources, have conflicting goals, or even different measurement KPIs to prove success.

The truth is that there are immense benefits to both sides working in collaboration towards a unified vision.

In this webinar we talk with the teams working on both sides of the social coin on why it’s important to develop a cohesive persona that applies to both organic and paid, what there is to learn from one another, and how to improve the execution of social campaigns.

  • Panelists

    Aaron Grossman – Director of Content at Portland Trail Blazers

    David Long – Digital Marketing Manager at Portland Trail Blazers

    Zak Damman –  Director, Digital Activation at Learfield IMG College

    Jack Patterson Vice President – Digital & Social Media at Learfield IMG College

    Marley Pelta – Senior Manager, Digital at Wolf Entertainment

    Nick Cicero – Vice President, Strategy at Conviva