We Have World Cup Fever!

June 13, 2014

The team here at Conviva has come down with a case of World Cup Fever. Not only do we have many soccer/football fans here who are anticipating some exciting action on the field, but we’ve also been living and breathing event preparation for months in order to support our many customers around the world that will be live streaming the monumental event over the next 30 days.

To kick things off right yesterday, we filled ourselves up on Brazilian food (delicious!) and watched the opening Brazil vs. Croatia game, as we kept an eye on the global viewing activity.

As expected, we’ve already set a new record on day one – 1.82 million peak concurrent views – the highest volume we’ve ever seen for a single broadcast event! And we anticipate that number to climb during other big games throughout the course of the World Cup.

As far as big events go, this is the biggest. And with multiscreen viewing becoming a way of life for so many around the globe, the expectations for a TV-quality viewing experience across all devices is rising daily. As our VXR data shows, live sports is the ultimate test of the impact of quality on viewing, and our Intelligent Control Platform is the only solution capable of delivering real-time analytics and optimization on a global scale, ensuring that the viewing experience will meet the very high expectations of Internet TV viewers everywhere.

As you tune in to the tournament over the next month, whether it be on your PC, smartphone or connected TV, we hope you’ll check back here for some interesting big data facts on the viewing experience for this massive event that will surely reach new heights for Internet TV viewing.

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