WEBINAR: Maximizing the Fan and Creator Experience on Social

With Instagram and the Olympic Channel

September 18, 2020

The pandemic hit the sports industry quickly. Overnight social teams within sports organization had to change how they function and create content. With everyone working remotely, teams were forced to get creative and rebuild their social content strategy from the ground up. But out of the confusion, experimentation created new and better processes for making content, athletes and social media managers began working closer together and data analytics became paramount to progress. This webinar explore how social teams are using new methods to Maximize the fan and creator experience on social across all channels. 


  • Will Yoder, Sports Partnerships, Instagram
  • Mary Byrne, Editor-In-Chief, Olympic Channel
  • Nick Cicero, Vice President Strategy, Conviva
  • Moderator: Katy Leeson, Managing Director, Social Chain

Topics discussed: 

  • What is the strategy to further embrace the power of social content creators in sports?
  • What have we learned about sport during COVID? What role does social media play during this time?
  • How have the most important metrics for social media engagement changed?
  • What trends should be looked out for through the rest of 2020 and 2021?
  • What creative ways are brands engaging with fans during this time?
  • The roll of Instagram Live has played during the pandemic.
  • How should people be thinking and using different formats to reach audiences at this time?
  • The roll Reels will play within Instagram.