SVA QOE Webinar Conviva
Streaming providers have long been focused on Quality of Experience metrics. KPIs like buffer ratio, time-to-first byte, and average bit rate. But there are a host of other metrics much deeper in the streaming workflow that must be captured, analyzed, and optimized in order to ensure the best possible viewer experience. These metrics, spanning encoders to CDNs, need to be included in the overall picture to assess and tackle problems before they become an issue for the end-customer. In this webinar, we will explore the many metrics that can be measured throughout the streaming workflow, best practices for consolidating and analyzing those metrics, and the technical challenges in capturing the data.

Topics Covered

This webinar addressed the following questions:

  1. What are the common QoE metrics being measured today?
  2. What’s NOT being measured today,that has an impact on QoE?
  3. In many cases, there are multiple SDKs within the player which are capturing QoE data (sometimes the same data). This can create bloat within the player. How do we fix this as an industry?
  4. What is the current state of QoE data visualization? Are dashboards making it easier for streaming operators to make quicker business decisions? If not, how can that be improved?
  5. Wow does an OTT platform operator bring together different data sets from different vendors into a single, cohesive view of QoE?
  6. How far away is the industry from getting behind a standard set of QoE metrics?
  7. What measurement technologies or approaches are on the horizon for the next 12 to 24 months? Is there anything the industry can expect to see which may solve some of the issues at hand?


  • Brenton Ough (Co-Founder/CEO at Touchstream)
  • Bryce Fisher-Fleig (Lead Video Software Engineer at CBS Interactive)
  • Florence Agboma (Streaming Video Quality Manager at Sky)
  • James Sherry (Senior Product Manager, Monitoring and Analytics at Wowza Media Systems)
  • Nandini Iyer (Senior Director Product Management at Conviva)
  • Moderated by Jason Thibeault (Executive Director Streaming Video Alliance)
“We work with Conviva and we are extremely grateful for the really well described process of how to go about validating so that every time we do a new player release with the Conviva SDK we have a really well understood sequence of steps we have to go through and we are able to get support from Conviva to do it."
— Bryce Fisher-Fleig (CBS - Lead Video Software Engineer)
“Earlier this week I saw a demo from Convivia of the real time dashboard, the platform control guys and operations teams were really excited to have that feature because they can quickly identify issues and maybe put in place mitigation to prevent things from getting worse. I think that was a neat demo and feature to have in 5.0”
— Florence Agboma (SKY, Streaming Video Quality Manager)
"When we talk to our operations teams and when we spend time working with our dashboards we find that static dashboards are really, really limiting limiting, they really don’t let you get down to the root cause. No matter how good you thought the dashboard was going to be before you go into the situation, there’s always some other factor or dimension you’re going to have to go tweak it or fiddle with it. Conviva lets you do a great job letting you drill down and continually add filters to get to the root cause."
— Bryce Fisher-Fleig (CBS - Lead Video Software Engineer)
“In my opinion, I think in the last few years in terms of data visualization, it has really improved a lot. Being able to identify issues quickly… with Conviva pulse 5.0…you are able to dissect the data in different ways, it’s just awesome. It’s also self intuitive and it’s a powerful tool to use"
— Florence Agboma (SKY, Streaming Video Quality Manager)

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