Webinar: Eliminating the IP-enabled Set-Top Box Blind Spot

Tuesday, June 04, 2024
8 AM PT  |   11 AM ET  |   4 PM BST  |   5 PM CET

Join us to learn how service providers use Conviva to calculate Quality of Experience across any end-point within their IP-Enabled STB and reduce churn.

Real-time IP-enabled STB Stateful Metrics, only from Conviva:

    • % of STB reboots that turn into a support call
    • Time from STB wakeup to video playback
    • Users with STB reboots within X minutes after firmware update
    • % of plays with decode issues
    • And many more

As service providers enter the OTT market with IP-enabled set-top boxes (STBs), they find themselves losing subscribers to cord cutting and the proliferation of IP streaming services, including off-the-shelf streaming sticks and Smart TVs.

Providers with IP-enabled STBs face unique challenges because of unprecedented costs, the complexities of providing TV-like quality across multi-modal delivery mechanisms, and the demand for ever-richer viewing experiences such as low latency, high frame rate, and personalized ads.

The ability to improve your STB experience is complicated by:

    • Limited root-cause analysis capabilities
    • Measurement fragmentation
    • Lack of actionable data around app usage and experience
    • Heavy tech stacks & long development cycles

But there’s hope!

Join our webinar on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 to learn how Conviva helps service providers overcome IP-enabled set-top box QoE challenges to enhance operational efficiency, improve viewer engagement, and maximize revenue generation by delivering high-quality OTT experiences.

Event Speakers

Tony Stott

Senior Product Director, Conviva

Jonathan Calkins

Product Marketing Director, Conviva