In a recent blog posting, Netflix expressed a need for visibility and control of its content delivery when it announced plans to combat the issue by building its own set of insights tools and systems. In reality, all content providers and distributors are struggling with the same dilemma—they rely on the Internet’s best effort infrastructure, with multiple variables and opportunities for interruptions, to get their valuable content to viewers all over the globe, on different devices and networks. But what’s the solution for companies that can’t build this kind of solution in-house?

We at Conviva are happy to see more companies realizing the importance of big data processing for video QoE analysis—focused on the viewer—to provide TV-quality experiences over the Internet. Conviva is built on the fundamental idea that in order to improve the experience, operators need to be given control—control of their video delivery and in turn control of the viewing experience.

Real-time data that can measure and report the experience of each individual viewer is critical for a few reasons. It allows for viewing of Internet quality metrics, such as the amount of buffering, startup time, startup failures and video bitrates. And when utilized properly to offer real-time alerting, it can also serve as a diagnostic tool that can save you from the devastating loss in audience and brand affinity that will result from a poor experience. Additionally, big data processing of these individual streams to create global intelligence can power automated decision-making to preemptively improve the video delivery.

Conviva’s solution focuses on collecting this data and turning it into global intelligence that our Intelligent Control Platform can draw on to power real-time, automated decision making. So problems aren’t just corrected, they’re avoided.

We are excited to see how Netflix’s venture into quality-specific analytics impacts its overall viewing experience and business. From our years of experience working with top media brands, we have personally seen that intelligent decisions are based on good data, and the more quality data you have, the better decisions you can make.

Take a look at just one example of Conviva’s viewpoint:


Our real-time dashboard provides an in-depth look into every viewer watching your content. Data is also segmented by audience or quality metrics. Quality metrics let you see, in real time or over time, how your content is performing. This data can tell you things like the amount of buffering viewers are putting up with, how long it takes content to load and if people are quitting the stream because of poor quality—all key to improving QoE and viewer engagement. We even enable you to drill down into metrics on a specific viewer session, monitor and analyze the popularity of your content, and deliver key data on live events.

This is just a quick view into the powerful analytics that we can provide through our Intelligent Control Platform. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.