Win Back Gen Z with OTT

November 1, 2021

Gen Z is often considered an elusive demographic. In a world of infinite content available on a seemingly endless number of platforms, it can be challenging to reach this generation that grew up in the era of social video.

In a recent webinar, How OTT Brands Can Win Back Gen Z, Simone Turner from Deltatre, Mike Stanley from Two Circles, and Nick Cicero from Conviva discussed how marketers can tap into this influential younger market segment.

Meet them where they are 

To understand Gen Z, it’s important to separate truth from myth. For example, some believe that this generation isn’t interested in sports, but the opposite is true. According to Stanley, they just don’t go all in on just one sport. They’re interested in a range of sports at a more surface level, and they prefer to spend their time watching condensed replays and highlights over full-length games or matches.

They’re often accused of having short attention spans, too.

“Actually, they do have long attention spans when you give them the right content.” – Mike Stanley, Lead Consultant at Two Circles

Turner notes that while content will bring them to a platform, it’s opportunities for engagement that will keep them coming back. For example, streaming movies is fine, but the ability to have watch parties with friends across the country and around the globe is even better.

“Content is bringing the Gen Z audience to our clients’ platforms, but the thing that keeps them coming back is the stickiness and interactivity of the product.” –  Simone Turner, Product Engagement Lead at Deltatre

Embrace gaming

A recent study by Deloitte revealed that Gen Z was the only one of the four surveyed demographics that didn’t choose watching TV and films as their number-one leisure activity. Instead, this group prefers to spend their downtime on video games and other interactive content, and it’s drawing them away from streaming video.

“In the Conviva study on the state of streaming content discovery, gaming was also the number-one negative driver for content discovery. But I think that that also opens up a new opportunity – if you can’t beat them, join them.” – Nick Cicero, Vice President of Strategy at Conviva

Madden and FIFA offer two solid examples of engaging the gamer community with streaming content through Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook. These games don’t try to entice gamers away from their favorite pastimes. Instead, they add value and further engagement opportunities by creating supplemental content that make the sporting events even more appealing for fans.

Harness the power of segmentation

It’s important to observe cohorts and understand their behavior, but what matters most is the ability to take that data and insight and act on them in meaningful ways. That means applying what you learn to the customer experience and personalizing every touchpoint for different segments and demographics.

“Personalization is incredibly powerful. Creating amazing content is now not the only pinnacle – it’s also creating amazing digital experiences.” –  Simone Turner, Product Engagement Lead at Deltatre

Ideally, that includes customizing content, the user experience, and the user interface to engage and connect with your audience, whether it’s Gen Z or anyone else.

Leverage the Conviva platform

The Conviva platform can help you track your audiences’ viewing behaviors and drill down to learn more about the content they watch, how often they watch it, and when they tune in. It also provides insights on how a single group, such as Gen Z, overlaps with other types of audience groups.

There are two key areas the Conviva platform can help businesses with when it comes to audience segmentation. The first is all about streaming data. Conviva has an innovative, persistent sensor that can track every single second of every session on every stream from every streaming platform you may have.

Because of that, Conviva can create a high-fidelity household ID that is used to build a segmentation engine and create buckets of different audiences based on a range of different attributes, whether that’s demographic data, types of behaviors, and the types of devices they consume on.

“We have the largest device coverage out of any measurement company in the world from a video perspective because we see trillions of streaming events every day across so many different services, and we’re in a really unique position to advance the way that measurement is done both for content and ads across the landscape of these different devices.” – Nick Cicero, Vice President of Strategy at Conviva

Nurturing the increasingly important Gen Z audience is vital, but not at the expense of loyal and avid fans of your content. Remember to balance the two as you create strategies to future-proof your business.

To learn more, watch our webinar: How OTT Brands Can Win Back Gen Z.