April 28, 2016

Shhh, don’t tell Charlie Sheen we stole his phrase, but Conviva did some big #Winning tonight, bringing home the TV Connect Award for Best OTT TV Service.

For those of you not familiar with the TV Connect Awards: The TV Connect Industry Awards is THE social event in the Connected Entertainment industry calendar celebrating excellence, innovation and achievements in the global IP, TV and connected entertainment markets. Senior representatives from leading service providers and vendors come together to find and evaluate new promising technologies and companies and to do business in a relaxed and intimate environment. The esteemed judging panel consists of key representatives from the major Telcos and Service Providers around the world. They independently assess; shortlist and select the winners for the various categories.

High-quality, cost-effective video distribution over the Internet has long been both an overarching goal and a grand challenge for the communication and media industry. Conviva brings together the disciplines of high-scale, parallel compute processing and real-time algorithmic inference with policy management to optimize both the quality and cost of Internet TV. In addition, Conviva’s technology provides content owners with the instant audience insights they require for success.

For the last two decades, Conviva researchers have solved some of the most difficult technical problems, and pioneered key architectural innovations in fulfilling the promise of Internet TV.

Thank you to the judges and TV Connect for this honor. We are grateful for and humbled by your choice.