World Cup, Week One, as Measured by Conviva

As the first week of the 2018 World Cup (June 14-20) comes to a close, Conviva looks at their top ten World Cup streaming publishers globally (primarily in North America, Asia, and Europe). Over the week’s first 20 games, there was a total of 486M plays attempting to stream the games, 393M of these led to successful streaming of the World Cup matches, while 93M plays were lost due to various streaming errors and/or slow start times — this is equivalent to approximately 1.6B viewing minutes lost due to poor streaming quality!

By contrast, a total of 6.9B viewing minutes were successfully streamed across 59M unique video streaming applications. The streaming minutes per unique application ranged from 114 minutes to 215 minutes, meaning that on average unique viewers are watching at least two matches — a typical match is approximately 120 minutes.

The below figures represent the peak concurrent viewership across the first week of the World Cup. Note the multi-game spikes per day and the consistent rise in viewership up until the last moment of each match. Also note that different matches had differing popularities across these publishers most likely due to regional preferences.

When looking at quality-specific metrics, Conviva saw that the rebuffering ratio across these top ten World Cup publishers ranged anywhere from as low as 0.15% to as high as 1.73%. According to Conviva’s Q1 2018 All-Screen Streaming TV Census Report, the average rebuffering ratio across all Conviva publishers was 0.88%. The bitrate across these 20 World Cup games ranged from as low as 1.6Mbps to as high as 6.2Mbps. Again, according to Conviva’s Q1 2018 All-Screen Streaming TV Census Report, the average was 3.9Mbps. Finally, video start times ranged from as low as 1.7 seconds to as high as 6.1 seconds this past week for the matches, while on average Conviva sees a video start time of 4.53 seconds.

It should be noted that there is quite a spread in these quality ranges which is a function of differing geographies as well as traffic loads. For example, as noted in Conviva’s Secret Life of Streamers study, Part II, a wide variability was revealed between countries when it comes to mobile quality metrics – see graph below.

Secret Life of Streamers Mobile Mix

Only a fourth of the way into the tournament and are already seeing record numbers. Conviva will continue to measure the matches closely across audience and experience — stay tuned!