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The Secret Life of Streamers, Part II
Using the latest research, and exclusive data from Conviva [made available especially for this study], nScreenMedia analyzes the role devices, content, location and quality are taking in shaping the viewing habits of people in the US and around the world. This data and analysis help to lay bare the secret life of video streamers today. Download here

Precision Delivery Intelligence

Precision Delivery Intelligence
Video AI data feed for multi-CDN resource optimization
This is the latest innovation in subscriber protection for multi-CDN OTT providers based on Conviva’s Video AI Platform. Precision uses Conviva’s global data and Video Graph to do artificial intelligence decisioning for distributing streaming traffic across CDNs based on cost, business policies, and player sensor metrics.

Download Conviva's Q1 Data Report

Download the Report Here! The data captured covers QUANTITIES like number of streams played, viewing hours, devices, and regions, as well as QUALITY metrics like video start time, buffering time, and bit rate. These metrics are the key KPIs for the world’s largest OTT publishers looking to deliver perfect streaming experiences for their viewers. The content Conviva measures includes movies, episodic TV shows, live linear television, and live sports.