New Conviva Features & Metrics: September 2023

Hello and happy September from the Conviva team.

September was a busy month and our product and engineering teams worked tirelessly to roll out new features and capabilities that further enable our customers to deliver amazing experiences across their applications and video streams.

Keep reading for a full overview of what’s new from Conviva!


New: Enhanced Sharing Capability in Custom Dashboards

What: Users can share and jointly edit a Custom Dashboard.

Why: This new Sharing Capability makes it easy for Pulse users to collaborate across different teams while sharing and jointly editing a Custom Dashboard. This is especially valuable for dashboards that are scheduled to be sent at regular intervals, including weekly or monthly reports.

New: Map Visualizations in Custom Dashboards

What: Pulse users can now select “Map” as a Visual Type when building a Custom Dashboard.

Why: Maps make it easy to monitor what’s happening across a publisher’s geographical footprint. This includes summary data by country, state, and city, that becomes especially valuable in real-time monitoring use cases like live sporting events.

New: Viewer Sessions Extended to 24 Hours

What: Viewer sessions have been increased from 3 hours to 24 hours.

Why: Viewer sessions could only be fetched at a maximum of 3-hour durations, making it cumbersome to do long-term analysis on viewer sessions. By increasing the maximum duration to 24-hours, Pulse users can more easily explore data beyond short spikes and events.

New: Secondary Filtering on More Experience Metrics

What: Pulse users can now apply secondary filters on Viewer Sessions and Multiple Error Codes.

Why: Primary filtering narrows down data to a certain subset, and by adding secondary filtering to more metrics within Pulse, users can drill-down on Viewer Sessions and across multiple error codes for detailed “if this, and also that” analysis.


New: Longer Error Code Character Limit in Trends

What: Pulse and data exports now display error codes up to 256 characters in length. The previous limit was 128 characters.

Why: By doubling the maximum number of characters displayed within error codes, Pulse can provide more context in every error code, enabling operations teams to quickly understand what’s happening.

New: Alerts Now Shown on Presets Dashboard

What: The Presets Dashboard now includes a quick start option that populates key metrics and dimensions that experienced an AI alert within the past 7 days.

Why: This new Preset enables Pulse users to visually identify and inspect alert patters over a specific period, enabling operations teams to link alerts to changes in baseline performance.

New: New Ad Experience Metrics

What: Two new metrics have been added to Ad Experience: Ad Unique Devices & Ad Minutes / Unique Device.

Why: These two metrics were previously only available in Experience Insights and by including them in Ad Experience, customers have more visibility on how they can improve Ad delivery across devices by monitoring the total number of minutes and devices that had Ad Ended Plays during the selected interval.

Thanks for reading, and please reach out to your Conviva CSM for a demo of any of these new features and capabilities.