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Democratizing Stateful Analytics through Visual Programming

Conviva recently presented a paper on "SEAM-EZ: Simplifying Stateful Analytics through Visual Programming" at the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction, ACM CHI 2024. We showcased our novel “no code“ platform, SEAM-EZ, for creating stateful analytics. SEAM-EZ stands for Stateful Event Analytics Made Easy; a tool that makes what used to be a complex problem seem easy.

Mastering Stateful Metrics: Your Key to Tracking Business KPIs

Here at Conviva, we aim to revolutionize traditional operations practices by putting the focus back on what matters most: Quality of Experience. Whether you're aiming to find and fix problems, plan for the future, or track performance changes, your decisions need to be based on Stateful Metrics that are made for the unique goals and nuances of your business.

Inside the Tech Powering Your Streaming Obsession

Tune in to Conviva’s President and CEO, Keith Zubchevich, as he sits down with Alex Kantrowitz of Big Technology to discuss the complexity of delivering high-quality digital experiences to millions of users around the globe.

Decoding User Behavior: Innovative Use of AI in Operational Data Analysis

The key to delivering optimal experiences to every user is to comprehensively measure and react to changes in their Quality of Experience in real-time. But, that can mean scanning millions of unique user data points to identify anomalies, detect patterns, and address the root causes of issues. It's becoming more difficult for operations teams to keep up with the speed and scale of user data they need to analyze. That’s where AI comes in.