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I have been working as a backend engineer in Conviva for almost 5 years now. I have always liked the sense of freedom Conviva gives engineers to come up with ideas and actually work on them. We have access to large volume of Video and app streams data and there are a lot of innovative products planned for development. On the management side, I have found Conviva at a sweet spot. The hierarchy is neither too big where bureaucracy takes over productivity nor too small as in a startup with high burnout. Our five core attitudes keep us at the forefront of streaming technology.

— Ashrut Tewari, Staff Software Engineer

I joined Conviva with big curiosity for streaming measurement. Here I met talented co-workers and amazing mentors who invest in your personal growth as an employee. Conviva offers tons of learning resources, including 3rd party tools and internal knowledge sharing. It definitely opens a new area for me and does help me grow and learn faster in terms of knowledge and skills in product management.

— Sarah Xu, Senior Product Manager

It has been an amazing journey with Conviva. Every day I get to work with customers from diverse backgrounds, industry sectors, and geographies. This has developed my problem-solving skills and has improved my ability to prioritize work under pressure thus making me a better Project Manager. The work environment at Conviva is relaxed and, with everyone taking ownership of their tasks, I have the perfect environment to give my best shot at my job.

— Shatavisha Chakravorty, Project Manager

I have learned and adapted quickly to manage the needs of the organization in my role in the support team. I feel relaxed and comfortable as Conviva takes care of us and our families, especially in this pandemic period. In Conviva there are opportunities for great career progression. Creativity is encouraged and ideas can be implemented with talented teammates. There are plenty of learning avenues- both internal and external resources. I feel blessed to be able to join this big family.

— Zhen Wang, Sr. IT Specialist

I’ve been part of the Global Services team at Conviva for the last 8 years. As a customer-facing team, it’s incredibly satisfying to see how Conviva’s streaming technology solutions enable real-time observability and actionability for our customers. We consider our customers as partners and work closely with them to ensure large scale live events deliver premium viewing experiences. My personal career growth at Conviva has been very fulfilling. I can vouch that the leadership team truly believes in individual growth and strong performances are rewarded.

— Ankur Gupta, Sr. Manager, QA Integration

I have been with Conviva for over a year and have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the company’s culture and insights. Conviva has provided me a great opportunity to explore my interests while supporting me to achieve some major professional milestones. This is a good place to balance the focus on both career and professional growth.



At Conviva, we value a growth mindset.

Innovation is in our DNA. We’re empowered to earn our industry leadership every day, and driven to deliver transformational technology that solves problems no one else can.

Eagerness to Understand & Solve Customer Problems.

We show up as strategic partners. We take pride in deeply understanding our customers’ business, shining a light on challenges they may not understand, working to solve problems no one else can, and doing what’s right for both our customers and our company.

Curiosity & Desire to Learn.

We are lifelong learners. We recognize the power of information and put the work in to keep building your knowledge, skills and experience. We apply our expertise with confidence, question the status quo, and encourage new ideas.

Ownership & Urgency.

Each of us acts like we own the business. We’re highly accountable and take immediate action. We make decisions that enable all of us to achieve our ambitious vision of making all operational data actionable.

Positive Energy & Intent.

We work with unshakable belief in Conviva and each other. We bring a drive to succeed and enthusiasm for the future to every situation, encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.

Instinct to Act & Help.

We have a bias for collaboration. We look for ways, both large and small, to contribute to our collective efforts to achieve the best results.

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Our people matter.

Conviva prioritizes the human experience in the digital world. We give our valuable employees the tools not just to survive but to thrive both on and off the job. Our benefits package always includes the necessities like retirement plans, health insurance, and leave policies, but we also prioritize our employees’ needs and goals beyond the basics.


Safeguard your mental health and physical wellness with employee assistance and life/work balance programs and subsidized fitness memberships.

Health Insurance

Rely on substantial contributions from us to support your health insurance plans and retirement savings (varies regionally).

Career Building

Pursue your personal and professional development with funding options, internal leadership development programs, and career coaching.

Rewards & Recognitions

Participate with peers and managers in programs that let you reward each other for hard work and innovation on a daily basis.

Inclusivity & Belonging

Celebrate your cultural heritage. We encourage employee inputs to promote belonging, inclusion, and cultural education company-wide.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Support your local community through Conviva. Take time off for volunteering and benefit from donation matching programs.

Work around the world.

We’re a company of pioneers, innovators, and doers. Our people work together, from some of the most inspiring places in the world, to drive tech and business innovation. Regardless of which team you join or what office you’re based in, you’ll find colleagues who share your commitment, passion, optimism, and determination.

  • Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley, USA

    Conviva’s Headquarters is in the heart of downtown Foster City, centrally located between San Francisco and San Jose. Our innovative tech space at one of the highest-end office towers in the area offers a sweeping view of the Foster City Lagoon with adjacent recreational areas, entertainment, and other service amenities.

    Our headquarters was conceived with the vision of creating a workspace that brings people together in a positive and high energy environment. To achieve this goal, we’ve designed an open workspace that fosters interaction, promotes learning, and nurtures a strong culture for our team.

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    Location Perks

    • Daily catered lunches, plus snacks & beverages galore
    • Office celebration and events
    • Collaborative workspace design
    • Gym & shower facilities, bike storage, outdoor courtyard
    • EV Charging Stations
    • Walking distance to supermarket/drugstore, various shops and restaurants
    • Shuttle service to Hillsdale Caltrain Station
  • New York

    New York City, USA

    Our NY team’s centrally located home in the sought-after Flatiron neighborhood in Manhattan was designed with the same dynamic look and environment of Conviva’s offices across the globe. This vibrant workspace provides our team with a unique employee experience focused on inclusivity and collaboration. It has become the Conviva melting pot where our teams come together from across regions to connect, strategize and innovate. The office is conveniently located next to Eataly and many other restaurant options and convenience services.

    Find jobs in New York

    Location Perks

    • Daily catered lunches
    • Walking distance to Madison Square Garden
    • Located in the heart of the Flatiron District between Fifth and Sixth Avenues where the neighborhood provides a wide range of shops, markets, restaurants
    • Next door to Eataly
    • Centrally located with multiple subways, N R and F stations, and a short walk to Penn Station
  • London

    London, UK

    Located in an office building in trendy Farringdon, close to Farringdon Station, our UK team enjoys an intimate workspace with an open-plan layout that reflects our global vision of collaborative, enjoyable office spaces for all our employees. The result is an atmosphere of productivity and focus, but our UK team never fails to let the good times roll!

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    Location Perks

    • Office celebrations & events
    • Walking distance to the metro/Farringdon train station
    • Walking distance to various shops and restaurants
  • Bengaluru

    Bengaluru, India

    Ourstate-of-the art India center at 77 Divyasree is near the commercial hubs of Outer Ring Road and Whitefield as well as social and residential hubs of Indira Nagar, Koramangala, and Sarjapur Road. The facility boasts an expansive, open-plan workplace designed for our team to do their best work in a culture of engagement and innovation. The office alternates between active, communal public spaces and collaboration areas supporting a work-from-anywhere atmosphere, and quiet zones for more focused work needs.

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    Location Perks

    • Catered lunches, plus snacks & beverages galore
    • Office celebrations and events
    • State-of-the-art workspace design
    • Conveniently located in the tech park hub with restaurants, services and amenities within the complex
    • Private shuttle service to the metro station
  • Beijing

    Beijing, China

    Located in the prime area of the grand Wangjing Business District, Conviva’s China office is in close proximity to China World Business District and the Asian Olympic Village Business District. Inspired by the same collaborative experience featured at headquarters and our India Center, the China workplace was designed with an array of spaces for different purposes, leading to an innovative workplace, casual interactions, and a collaborative and fun environment.

    Find jobs in Beijing

    Location Perks

    • Daily lunches, plus snacks & beverages galore
    • Office celebrations & events
    • Next door to Wang Jing Park
    • Convenient location, core of Beijing’ second CBD, close to Wangjing East Station of Line 15

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