Conviva Operational Data Platform – where the digital world meets the real world.

Conviva converts experience, performance, and engagement into real-time operational metrics. With natively connected data, you can do deep root-cause analysis and proactively resolve issues that impact user experience as they are happening.

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Alert on issues impacting users in real-time.

Get real-time, deep insights thanks to stateful analytics that tap into massive data streams to track sequences and timing of events. This used to be expensive and impractical. But now, the Conviva ODP is changing the game. It offers lightning-fast stateful computation at a fraction of the cost, making stateful analytics 10X faster and more cost-effective.

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One sensor to measure everything in any app: From video streaming to shopping to travel and beyond.

Our lightweight sensor is engineered to seamlessly accommodate different data sources and formats, with all heavy computation done server-side.


Automatically collect system level events (clicks, network requests, crashes, errors, video player events, device and OS metadata, etc.)

Semantic-less Collection
Send all custom events with a single integration without having to reformat events to map to a pre-defined schema

Cross Platform
Works across all application platforms (web, mobile, tablet, TV, STB, AR/VR, smart speaker, car, etc.)

Only deploy the necessary components. Apps with video deploy full sensor in one integration. Apps without video deploy only app component

Get up and running in no time with our straightforward self-service integration and validation process.

Whether you’re refining your approach to traditional data sources or venturing into uncharted data territories, Conviva arms you with the ultimate tools to not just streamline but transform your operations and unlock profound insights into your customer experiences.


Activate only what you need:
Build the QoE metrics that drive your business outcomes.

Efficiently map and analyze raw events to support a deeper dive into your application’s activities.
Equip your team with the capability to turn data into actionable insights with ease.

Semantic Mapper

Simplifying Event Analysis

Our Semantic Mapper transforms how you understand user actions within your application. You can use it to normalize events without touching a line of code in the application, activate just the ones you want to use, and block noisy events. For example, it can unify login events from various platforms into a single event so you can build a unified QoE metric, giving you a broader perspective of your users’ login experience.

Once you’ve established your mapping rules, our data pipeline takes over, ensuring continuous and automatic mapping of new events that match your criteria. This seamless process helps maintain consistency and accuracy in your data analysis, empowering you to focus on strategic decisions and insights.

Metric Builder

Craft Metrics That Matter

Create new metrics with our intuitive no-code visual builder. Watch your metrics take shape in real-time, with immediate feedback that lets you adjust and perfect them as you go. Create tailored metrics, from time intervals to conversion rates, based on your specific needs and the events you’ve mapped. Whether you’re looking to improve Time to Booking, Product Detail Page Dwell Time, or Payment Retry Failure to Success Ratio, we allow you to dive deeper into your data for actionable insights. QoE metrics give you better understanding of user experiences that impact the conversion and engagement in real-time.


No static dashboards. Click to root cause.

Unleash the capability of analyzing any combination of metrics and metadata in a few clicks. Get infinite levels of instant filtering and the ability to drill down from QoE metrics right down to individual user sessions—all in real-time.

With our powerful monitoring capability, get ready to be the first to know and the first to know why. 

Incident Insight

Capture and comprehend QoE issues as they happen, across an extensive network of tens of thousands of detailed cohorts: combinations of device, OS, app version, build number, subscription tier, and more.

Automated Root-Cause Analysis

Get rich root cause analysis across any combination of dimensions you want. Let AI take the lead, pinpointing the underlying causes of issues automatically.

Total Control, Zero Hassle

Easily control dimensions, combinations of dimensions, sensitivity, persistence, and severity levels to tailor monitoring to your needs.

Extensible Integration

Build external applications and create sophisticated alert workflows using our AI Alerts and real-time metrics APIs.


Explainable AI Alerts across millions of user cohorts.

Leverage the power of AI across all your teams, from NOC to TechOps, to Product, to Engineering.

Extensible Integration

When sudden issues arise, AI Alerts is there to ensure your Network Operations Center (NOC) and Support Teams are the first to know. Get real-time notifications and anomaly detection, empowering your team to tackle problems quickly and effectively, minimizing downtime and enhancing user satisfaction.

Automatic Root Cause Analysis

Dive deeper into issues with automatic diagnostics that not only spot anomalies but also provide actionable insights into their root causes.

AI Roadmap

Beyond immediate issues, AI Roadmap dives deep to uncover underlying problems that have been slowly developing over time, often due to gradual deterioration. Embraced by Product and Engineering Teams, AI Roadmap helps prioritize enhancements that promise the most significant impact. Use AI Roadmap to guide continuous product improvements, ensuring your engineering resources are invested in enhancing your user experience to drive better engagement.


Ask with a click. Get answers in seconds.

Discover the simplicity and power of instant analytics from real-time and back 13 months – in seconds. Analyze massive amounts of operational data without writing a single query and at a fraction of the cost of traditional data platforms. Diagnose issues, analyze trends, and make decisions in seconds and minutes vs hours and days.

Prompt AI

Use natural language to navigate quickly and easily through extremely large sets. Powered by LLM, let Prompt AI do the heavy lifting for you, to onboard new users, train internal teams, explain your own QoE metric values, and so much more.

Rapid Responses

Get the answers you need in seconds. Our system is primed for speed, delivering fast and accurate responses to keep you moving at the pace of today’s digital demands.

Seamless Drill-Downs

Dive deep into your data across all dimensions with zero delays. Instantly access the specific details you need without the need to build dashboards or write any code.

Automated Analytics for Continuous Improvement

Harness the power of automation to continuously enhance QoE. Uncover trends, compare seasonality, detect deviations from baseline, and so much more.

Build Custom Analytics Solutions

Utilize our robust APIs and data feeds to create tailored analytics solutions. Whether for real-time analysis or more in-depth offline exploration, the flexibility to expand and adapt is at your fingertips.

Start responding to the real world in real time.

Step into the future of monitoring and analytics with the Conviva Operational Data platform.

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