Your ops team
deserves better.

Stop collecting and paying for data that does nothing for your business, and move to actionable insights that drive revenue and subscriptions and reduce costs.

Full Experience AVOD Experience

It’s time to close the gap between customer experience and backend performance.

Modern digital enterprises have invested billions of dollars in monitoring and analytics systems, but these legacy tools cannot deliver the full visibility, scale, and real-time actionability that operational teams need. In reality, they often find out about critical issues from social media or a panicking CEO.

Your ops team needs a solution that directly connects them to business outcomes. Conviva has built the first customer-centric operational analytics solution on the market that delivers a true real-time lens into everything impacting your users’ experience. Let’s close the massive gap between what your customers see and experience and what you observe on the back end, empowering your business to innovate, adapt, and scale at unprecedented speed in constantly changing conditions.

Solution Benefits

Connect backend performance to
bigger front-end profits, and everything
in between.

Move beyond legacy observability solutions that just focus on infrastructure performance or analytics tools that don’t connect to real-time experience and performance metrics. The Conviva Operational Data Platform unifies vast, disparate datasets across the full customer journey for real-time optimization of issues impacting streaming minutes, engagement,
and subscriber and ad revenue.

Don’t sacrifice one for the other.

Monitoring and analytics together,
in real-time.

Our platform lets customers do both monitoring and analytics on high cardinality, live, and historical data to detect unknown issues, conduct root cause identification, and surface areas for improvement – 10X faster than you can today.

Do more with less.

Optimize your existing resources

Reduce thousands of man-hours in issue identification and root-cause analysis and focus resources on high-impact issues that impact streaming minutes, engagement, and subscriber and advertising revenue.

Ditch needless telemetry data.

Focus on increasing revenue and controlling costs.

From the moment users first log into your app to their content searches, video and ad interactions, subscription upgrades – and every interaction in between – you can now monitor, manage, and optimize it all in real-time and at scale.

Respond to the moments that matter.

Make the right data-driven decisions.

Focus only on issues that block the Moments that Matter for you and your customers – whether that’s app log-in time, subscription upgrades, credit card updates, video watch time, or ad impressions. Make real-time informed decisions by analyzing user engagement, experience, and backend infrastructure metrics together.

Power proactive issue detection.

Automate proactive monitoring and issue detection.

AI algorithms and AI-driven alerts surface anomalous events and insights, pointing out issues you may not even know you should be looking for. Quickly analyze and drill down to act on issues that negatively impact experience and engagement metrics, with full context for deep root cause analysis.

Solution Capabilities

Make quick decisions, optimize processes, and enhance
user experiences in real time.

Universal Data Ingestion

Get real-time and comprehensive ingestion without data sampling from multiple sources via an extremely lightweight SDK.

Advanced Event Contextualization

Convert raw events into useful contextual sessions for analysis such as “successful purchase” or “searched for content.”

Custom Metric Builder

Easily create metrics important for your company, such as the time it takes users to subscribe, the number of users able to log in successfully, and more.

Real-time Actionable Insights

Quickly analyze and drill down with an interactive UI to act on issues that negatively impact metrics, with full context for root cause analysis.

AI Alerts

AI-driven alerts surface anomalous events and point out issues you may not even know you should be looking for.

API Integrations and Data Feeds

Share and exchange data with any system, anytime, through robust APIs and daily or hourly data feeds.

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